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Incredibly rare celestial phenomenon, occurred with aurora borealis, making it even more rare

The Lord sure put on a show for us! The astronomer said that he took the video hoping for noctilucent clouds because conditions were ripe for them. That they rolled and put in a galloping display was tremendous boon for him, because they are usually stationery. Then after several hours when the Aurora put on a show too, he said he kept the camera rolling until his memory card was filled up. The actual footage time was about five hours, between 10pm and 3am. The time-lapse compressed it into 2:22.

Rare night clouds and glowing aurora: Astronomer captures incredible footage of two phenomena in Scottish night sky
  • Maciej Winiarczyk, 41, captured the images in Caithness, Scotland
  • Noctilucent, or 'night-shining', clouds are normally too faint to be seen
  • Half way through the video the clouds are joined by a spectacular aurora
"A stunning time-lapse video of a rare celestial show has been captured dancing across a night sky. The recording gives a rare glimpse of rolling noctilucent clouds and dancing aurora glimmering across the horizon.The astronomer witnessed the famous Northern Lights and 'night clouds' earlier this month, over a single night above Caithness, Scotland. It is unusual to see either phenomena, and incredibly rare to see both simultaneously."

The video below is from BBC News, which reported: "We wanted to show you this stunning time-lapse video of a rare celestial show that's been captured by an amateur astronomer in #Scotland. The recording is extraordinary because it shows us rolling 'night-shining' clouds - they're very rare in themselves. But while Maciej Winiayczyk was filming them in the skies above Caithness, the aurora borealis also put on a vivid display."


  1. Just. Gorgeous!

    The heavens declare the glory of God!


  2. So beautiful! God's power and majesty are so amazing. Imagine how Heaven will look!


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