Sunday, August 18, 2013

Quakes this week

Here is a list of major quakes this week: (8/11/2013 - 8/18/2013). The quakes are either over 6.0 magnitude or are considered major due to location and hazard to life or property. See link below to PAGER System fmi. All data from United States Geological Survey.

The USGS PAGER system (Prompt Assessment of Global Earthquakes for Response) provides fatality and economic loss impact estimates following significant earthquakes worldwide.

There have been 6 quakes this week over 6.0 magnitude

M6.1 - Southwest Indian Ridge
M6.5 - 29km SSE of Blenheim, New Zealand
M6.6 - 98km WSW of Mutis, Colombia
M6.1 - 90km WSW of Paita, Peru
M6.0 - 112km NW of L'Esperance Rock, New Zealand
M6.0 - 189km WNW of Saumlaki, Indonesia

M4.9 - 9km SSW of Volcano, Hawaii

This week there have been 258 quakes over 2.5 magnitude worldwide (as of 8:30AM Sunday 8/18). The number of quakes per year are calculated by USGS and averaged out as the following:

footnotes 1 & 2 = Based on observations since 1900.

The number of 8.0+ quakes so far in 2013 have been 2.
The number of 7.0+ quakes so far in 2013 have been 10.
The number of 6.0+ quakes so far in 2013 have been 78.
The number of 5.0+ quakes so far in 2013 have been 911.

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  1. As LA Marzulli so accurately points out when Jesus prophesied there would be earthquakes in diverse places, it was impossible for someone to know of such a thing as immediate information from diverse places. The fact that we know about an earthquake on the other side of the world instantly is a sign of the times.


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