Ruinous distress crushed in an instant

In making an "altered book", you take an abandoned book and tear out some pages and glue the rest together in chunks. Cover the page with paper or glue, and leave exposed the words that you want to appear. Collage around the rest. In this page of a book I did some years ago, I left the words "ruinous distress crushed in an instant." The ruinous distress is living life without Jesus. It is ruinous because the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). The terrible bird looking thing, I think just matched the distress we feel, whether we admit it or not, when we are outside of the life of Jesus pre-justification.

Our distress is crushed in an instant when He saves us from death! He is so much more powerful than any of our sins, any of our distress, any of our lives, no matter how long we have lived apart from Him. He crushes our sin because He has already crushed our sin, at the cross! He stomped on the serpent's head and thereby took the power satan has over us. Once inside Jesus, we are victorious because HE is victorious! His power is such that all it takes is an instant, the instant of salvation snatches us from the god of this world and delivers us to His kingdom forever. Repentance is the key. His sovereign will is the key.

Not that we aren't tormented by sin any more, we are still living on this planet and it is drenched in sin. Satan still tries to get us to sin, but the power of its chains over us has been broken.

O LORD, I am your servant; I am your servant, the son of your maidservant. You have loosed my bonds. (Psalm 116:16)


  1. Hiyah Elizabeth! Relevant to the End Times, I've churned out another poem and I think I can say for certain that it's my favorite up to now. It's about wondering if praying for the second coming to be soon is inadvertently asking for catastrophe to fall on Israel. Check it out if you like!

    What really impressed me with it was how complex the ideas were that I could develop in the poem, concisely, without upsetting the rhyme scheme or doing injustice to what I was meaning to say.

  2. Hey, I've been reading your blog for a while now and I really enjoy the things you have written. But there is this question I have been pondering. Will the Millennium Kingdom rule the whole earth or only a certain part? It says after the 1,000 years the devil will deceive the world one last time. Because of this I wondered where do the remaining people who don't receive Christ go? Are they thrown in the lake of fire, which would make me guess the Millennium Kingdom will be throughout the whole world. Or are they just not allowed to enter and be forced to live in the damaged part of the world while the Millennium Kingdom is renewed and perfect? (and then after the 1,000 years the rest of the earth will be renewed.)
    I was wondering because after the 1,000 years the devil is to deceive the world. The major question I was thinking about is who does he deceive? Is it the people who are not part of the Millennium Kingdom or people who are part of it(which I can't see happening). This subject has made me confused because I've heard it both ways that unbelievers won't be on earth at all and that they will so I really need some clarification.

    I also have another question unrelated to the above. I've watched two videos on youtube which say they have been seeing numbers around lately: 9:11, 12:12, 3:33, etc. which they say God is talking to them. They don't claim to say what certain numbers mean because in they're own words they're not into numerology (which I assume isn't part of Christianity and there for should be avoided) but they say it simple means that God is telling them He's with them or something along those lines. I was thinking of telling my friend this but I didn't want to spread anything that could be from false teachers. In the messages they get from God they always say to consult the Holy Spirit (things like Obama being the Anti-Christ or certain stars that are in fallen angels in disguise)and if you ask him he will tell you. The thing is though I don't know the difference between the Holy Spirit's voice and my minds voice. I know anything said by the Holy Spirit should line up with scripture but these things and other things I ask Him aren't really addressed in scripture. But lately I've been seeing double numbers not in the diverse places they talk about but on digital clocks in my house and on my phone. I haven't been watching their youtube channels anymore because what they see could be false but this numbers thing has me really confused.

    Once again I love your work and thank you in advance for your response

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      I am not sure I understand all your questions but I'll do my best. The next event on the prophetic schedule is likely the rapture. Then comes 7 years of Tribulation. Then Jesus returns and kills the rebellious ones at Armageddon and leaves the believing ones alive. He gathers His people the Jews to fulfill the promise of reigning over them in a restored Land.

      All the believing people will go into the Millennial Kingdom. This simply means that after the Tribulation, life begins again, with the believers living on an entire earth that is renewed. Isaiah says that life spans will be long again, anyone dying at age 100 will seem as though it is a child who died. If life spans are renewed it seems that the earth will be refreshed to allow and support this long life, as it was intended to be in the Garden and afterwards when people regularly live 500, 600, 900 years.

      It is called the Millennium Kingdom because Jesus personally rules the renewed earth for 1000 years.

      During this time satan is bound, put into the abyss with his evil angels and the mortal believers living on earth along with the glorified believers of the church (in New Jerusalem) are left untroubled by him. However since faithful mortals who lived thru the Tribulation enter the Kingdom, and since they procreate and since that procreation seems to re-populate the earth, that means there is still sin on earth hidden in the hearts of men. However the1000 years is a time of joy and comfort.

      When satan is let out after 1000 years he draws the venom out of the people and some rebel. There are as many as the sand on the seashore who rebel (that is why I believe the re-population is fast and numerous, if that many rebel then there is that many MORE who don't.) Jesus stops the rebellion lightning quick, and there is one final judgment of all people thru all time to determine their final destination (heaven or hell). Once that judgement is complete, the earth is dissolved in a fervent heat and eternity begins.

      more here

      As for God speaking thru numbers, it ain't happening. He spoke thru His Son, and that word can be read in the bible. That is where God speaks.

    2. Thank you, the links really helped! At first I thought people with glorified bodies and believers who lived through the Tribulation would be deceived by the devil, which I couldn't picture happening, yet I was a little afraid. I never once thought about children being born during this time. It does make sense after reading the links. I was a little leery about the numbers, until I started seeing them myself! I'll just pray and ignore them from now on. Thank you so much.

    3. You're welcome! Personally I believe, and this is *opinion*, that the Garden was to show us that man will sin even in the presence of God, and this Church Age is to show us we will sin even with the Holy Spirit in us, and the Millennium is to show us that we will sin even with satan bound and out of the picture.

      Thanks for reading the links!


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