Sunday, August 25, 2013

Volcanic 'geyser' erupts close to Rome airport

UK Telegraph reports

"Italian experts have been puzzled by the overnight appearance of a geyser crater spraying clouds of gas 15 feet in the air, yards from the end of the runway at one of Europe’s busiest airports."

This seems to be a recurring refrain these days, "experts have been puzzled" or "scientists perplexed." Here is the rest of the news article-

The crater measured about six feet wide and three feet deep
Motorists on Saturday were alarmed to notice hot, stinking gas spurting from a newly formed crater in the middle of a roundabout close to the perimeter fence of Rome’s Fiumicino airport -- less than 900 yards from the end of a runway.

Spectators gathered around the smoking crater, which measured about six feet wide and three feet deep, before firefighters and vulcanologists arrived to seal off the roundabout to prevent inhalation of the gas, suspected to be a coc-ktail of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and methane. Tests are now underway.

While initial reports suggested the gas came from rotting organic matter trapped underground, one expert said volcanic activity was more likely.

Volcano expert Erik Klemetti (@eruptionsblog) says it's weird, but that no volcanoes exist in or around Rome, but there are plenty of hot springs. He is looking for a map of such springs now.

Stay tuned


  1. Al Gore says it is because of Global Warming.

    1. LOL. I think the world is so over global warning. Maybe AlGore overlooked this article from three months ago:

      To The Horror Of Global Warming Alarmists, Global Cooling Is Here

  2. here is the video
    incredible, experts say it is a new volcano!!

    1. thanks for the link to the news report! It is in Italian. Here is an update from the UK Telegraph in English. Euronews also carries the story. They've decided it IS a fumarole, volcanic in origin.

  3. no end of the world and no global warning is related to this activity. (Global warming is a huge problem but non related to this). Italian geologists well know this phenomena and describe them since many years. This web site respond to erik klemetty question.


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