Amazon's best sellers of the year: Even Slate gets it about Sarah Young...

Slate presents "Amazon's Best-Selling Books of 2013, and What They Tell Us About America"

Even Slate gets it about Sarah Young's #5 seller, Jesus Calling

"We’re desperate for guidance from Jesus, 
even if it’s just an author named Sarah Young pretending to be Jesus."

And yes, Jesus Calling IS Amazon's number five best selling book of the year. Not in Christian Books. All books. Now I will go off to a corner somewhere and cry.


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  1. Uck. I know. It's everywhere.
    Melissa S.

  2. It's truly awful that the fairly liberal Slate, in a snarky article, makes more sense than most Christian reviews of the book!

    1. Agreed! I thought it was highly ironic! It bespeaks a near total loss of discernment among people of our faith (or *claiming* to be of the faith).

    2. It is also sad that these deceivers are stealing our time. Thank you Elizabeth for taking the time and using your gift of discernment to expose them. My daughter and son-in-law ( Kristina and Tibor) showed me a recent sermon from their former pastor in Flagstaff that explains the value of time very well. In Christ Larry


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