The Old Man Crucified

Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with Him.” 
Romans 6:6.

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Take heart. Even as your old man is dying the New Man is blooming in his place.

EVERY New Man is two men; every Believer in Christ is what he was, and not what he was: the old nature, and the New Nature exist at the same time in each regenerate individual. ... The old nature, then, is what the Apostle means. The lusts of the flesh, the carnal desires, the affections of our estranged hearts, these he calls the old man . I am much mistaken if every Christian does not find this old man still troubling him. He has a New Nature which was implanted in him, as through the Spirit’s sacred working he was led to hate sin, and believe in Jesus to his soul’s Salvation; it is the heavenly offspring of the New Birth, the pure and holy result of Regeneration. Th at New Nature cannot sin—it is as pure as the God from whom it cam e, and like the spark which seeks the sun, it aspires always after the Holy God from whom it came. Its longings and its tendencies are always towards Holiness, and God, and it utterly hates and loathes that which is evil, so that finding itself brought into cont act with the old nature, it sighs and cries as the Apostle tells us, “O wretched man that I am, who shall deliver me from the body of this death?”

Do you see yonder blood-washed host? Without spot or wrinkle they stand before the Throne of God! Ask them whether they had to fight with sin, and they will tell you that they were men of like passions with us; ask them how they overcame sin—you glori ous ones, out of what armory did you take your weapons, and who girded you for the sacred conflict?— You must get to Christ, nearer to Christ, and you will overcome sin."

~Charles Spurgeon
excerpt from "The Old Man Crucified"
No. 882 April 11, 1869, at the Metropolitan Tabernacle

Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with Him.” Romans 6:6.