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I finished reading through 1 & 2 Kings. Phew. A wonderful but difficult slog. Tumultuous, really. I'm starting Philippians.

In keeping with lightening things up a bit, here is some fun stuff.

Watching these dogs confused by a magic trick is sweet and funny. Watch through to the last dog.

Creation Ministries International has a 1-minute video on the irony of the science that says a global flood occurred on Mars, despite the fact that there is no water, but not on on earth, which is 70% water.
Here is their summary in case you can't watch:

"In recent years, NASA probes have sent back images of our nearest planet Mars. These images have prompted some scientists to suggest that a global flood once carved the Martian landscape, even though no liquid water has yet been found. The Bible records and event that certainly sounds like a global flood on Earth. Genesis records that, "All the mountains under the heavens were covered." Jesus himself, referring to those not on Noah's Ark, said, "The flood came and took them all away." Unlike the elusive water on Mars, water covers 70% of the earth's surface and water deposited sedimentary rock covers much of the land surface. So isn't it strange that many people who are open to the possibility of a global flood on Mars, despite the absence of water, immediately dismiss any suggestion that a global flood occurred on earth."

Yes, they suppress the truth in unrighteousness. (Romans 1:18)

I liked this quote posted by Sunny Shell, a blogger worth following here and here.

Don't be afraid to stand up for the truth! What you're doing is standing up for Jesus. This is from Chris Rosebrough:

I can't wait until Jesus glorifies us and we stop sinning! I hate my sins!

We know that in the last days apostasy will rise to pernicious levels. (2 Timothy 4:3). One thing that I hate about apostasy is that it blasphemes the name of Jesus. Don't we all long for the day when every knee will bow in acknowledgement of Him who is King?! I do. But the other thing about apostasy is that it sweeps away loved ones. The tide of Catholicism is returning, with tsunami force. So many people I know are flirting with it. This is so dangerous. Others are simply devoured by it as they return to it, the religion they once knew, and reject Christianity once for all.

(Jeremiah 3:20; Isaiah 1:21; 57:8; Ezekiel 16:30, (Hosea 2:2–5...)

Flirting with a false religion could take the form of trying a labyrinth, or lectio divina, contemplative meditation AKA breath prayer. (Catholicism). Or circle making (Wicca). Just trying a practice from another religion, just to try it, or for no reason. That's flirting.

One brother I know thought that my use of the term 'flirting' with Catholicism was funny. Funny as in weird, not ha ha funny. But going after strange gods is spiritual adultery. A person is being unfaithful to God when thy accept other gods. You go too deeply into a false religion and God calls you a whore or a prostitute. And how does apostasy start, seeking after these false gods? By flirting. So the metaphor is apt. You stick a toe in, then your foot, then you find out an alligator has your leg in his teeth and you're dragged under. (Revelation 17:15; Isaiah 57:3).

Mike Gendron was a Catholic for much of his adult life. Then he realized he wasn't saved. He is now an expert in apologetics to Catholics. Read his bio here, on how the Holy Spirit lifted him out of the darkness of Catholicism and saved His soul. Meanwhile, Mr Gendron posted this essay which is a quote from a man who wrote about Catholicism 100 years ago.

Catholicism is Satan's Best Counterfeit

Speaking of counterfeits, another of my favorite writers, Robin Schumacher wrote about the ways Christ is counterfeited. He wrote about 7. It's not just about Jesus. It's all about WHICH Jesus!

The Dangers of a Counterfeit Christ
by Robin Schumacher

I'm not a professional photographer, but even I know how to take appealing pics. These are from Bad Real Estate Photos.

The property has been recently upgraded
to withstand the forthcoming zombie apocalypse.
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From Laura Smith on Pinterest titled Clean Funny Stuff

I opened with Dogs Confused By Magic Trick. Let's end with a dog, this one another sweet and cute series of photos about a little girl and her dog. A Young Girl Who's Best Friends with an English Bulldog

Have a wonderful rest of the week!


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  2. Hi Elizabeth, thank you for the light and sweet things in this post. The confused dogs was hilarious, and the little girl with her bulldog was precious. My husband liked the "bad real estate photo". But I love the "Dear God" letter the most. My day in a nutshell, though sometimes I fail even before getting out of bed. LOL! How much we all need the Lord!



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