Interlude: Gratitude

I'm so grateful for my salvation! I am so blessed to be a new creation in Christ! He came down from Glory to die on a cross, and ascended to heaven again to prepare a place for us. He adopted me as His daughter, His heir, unconditionally. I'm thrilled to love a savior such as this. It's been ten years but it never gets old! As a matter of fact, life with Jesus gets better and better.

The overwhelming feelings of gratitude and humility that He loved me while I was still a sinner can't be put into words, can't even be contained on a blog or in my body or to the earth. My feeling of joy in the Lord is eternal, infinite, expansive, never-ending.

Thank You, Lord, that You were mindful of us, that You sought us, that You saved us. I am ever Your humble daughter seeking ways to glorify You- the only worthy One! What a privilege you gave me, eternity to worship You forever!

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  1. Sing with me - AMEN! and AMEN! and again, AMEN! Thank you Elizabeth for the online reminder.

  2. Great to read this as I'm winding down tonight in anticipation of church tomorrow morning. You are right, Elizabeth. It gets better and better. Melissa S.


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