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Spring is such a joyous time here in the south! It comes early, it comes slowly, lovingly, and beautifully. It is almost 9 pm but it's 76 degrees, the door and windows are open, and in the distance the cattle are mooing and the trees are gently swaying in the breeze. Here are a few photos of the wonders of spring from around my yard.

For behold, the winter is past; the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land. (Song of Solomon 2:11-12)


  1. Very beautiful! I have azaleas, dogwood trees and babies breath all blooming in my yard right now. I wish they bloomed more than once a year...

    1. thanks Linda! Your yard sounds lovely. Spring blossoms are always so fresh looking and beautiful

  2. Gorgeous! Two of my favorites are magnolia and lilac. The perfume from both is absolutely intoxicating.

    I also love the birdsong... it's such a lovely melody.

    Can't even imagine what the Kingdom will be like, although no doubt far more lovely than now... not only because much of the curse is reversed, but also because the rule will be righteous!


  3. I'm jealous! :-) On Monday, we had a tornado followed by a blizzard all in the same evening. Another snowstorm today and tomorrow. Very strange weather for us here in Minnesota! Signs of the times, for sure.


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