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Jesus is worthy to be praised!


  1. If you believe "The Day Of The Lord"/"The great and awesome day of The Lord", is the same as "The Time Of Jacob's Trouble", the time of "The Tribulation" the time of God's final judgment on the earth and thus pouring out of His wrath, then you can't misinterpret the Joel scripture, in which the key word that makes the *clear* distinction, is *BEFORE* for it says:

    Joel 2:31 "“The sun will be turned into darkness
    And the moon into blood
    *BEFORE* the great and awesome day of the Lord comes.

    It doesn't say "before Jesus second coming", in which if it did, the argument that the Joel scripture *isn't* referring to blood moons *before* The Tribulation, would have merit. Thus, since it doesn't say "Jesus second coming", it says "The great and awesome day of The Lord", (in several translations) meaning, *BEFORE* the time of *The Tribulation/Jacob's trouble*, and add to the fact that they fall on Jewish holy days, it is illogical to not even consider that it is God doing as He says in His word, using the sun and the moon and the stars for signs.

    As I hope you believe, the Lord not wanting anyone to perish, (as He says in His word) goes all out giving people ample evidence, and time, to repent and turn to Him, and that He uses not simply His word, He uses not simply the earth and society, including prophets. He also uses the sun the moon and the stars for not just day and night or seasons, also for signs (Genesis 1:14) Thus we not only shouldn't be so quick to deny these eclipses as being pre-trib signs, we shouldn't not even consider it. Especially since they fall on Jewish holy days.

    I believe these current eclipses are signs to the world of God's nearness, of the lateness of the hour, a final set of signs and warnings, to get people to repent, and that there will be other events with the sun and moon and stars during the tribulation, that are just part of God's plan in doling out His wrath, and in addition, will be as signs for the remnant of surviving Jewish people that will finally recognize Jesus as the true Messiah repent and be saved, and will look to those signs, knowing the nearness of the end, when they will finally be ultimately resecued and redeemed, as in being clothed with the perfect righteous we already saved and ressureeced will already have. I also suspect it will no longer be so easy for them to keep track of time any other way than by the sun moon and stars, once they are on the run and in hiding. Where they wont have the convenience of turning on a radio or a t.v. or a computer to know what the date is. It wouldn't surprise me that part of receiving the mark will also include being the only ones with the ability to access such things as radio and t.v. and computer connections, as it will all be about tracking people and what they're doing, to control them.


    1. We're not in the Tribulation now, J.L.

      The Day of the Lord refers to both the period of time when He unleashes His wrath (beginning in Revelation 6 with the opening of the Seal Judgments) and the actual moment His feet land on the Mount of Olives. (Zechariah 14:4).

      Yes, He is giving us signs, for the last 2000 years in this present Age of Grace He is giving us signs, the major one being Jesus's resurrection as the Sign of Jonah ( (Matthew 12:38-41)

      The blood moon will happen not because the earth merely passed into the shadow of the sun, as tonight's was, but because of the celestial signs of volcanic dust (moon as sackcloth)

      We are not experiencing the other judgments of Revelation (peace taken from the earth, plagues, a fourth of mankind killed...) and this blood moon is simply an event that has occurred in the past, and rather frequently, and will happen again. There are no prophetic signs about a tetrad in the bible.


      What is the Day of the Lord?

      Answer: The phrase “day of the Lord” usually identifies events that take place at the end of history (Isaiah 7:18-25) and is often closely associated with the phrase “that day.” One key to understanding these phrases is to note that they always identify a span of time during which God personally intervenes in history, directly or indirectly, to accomplish some specific aspect His plan.

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