Spurgeon on Hopefulness amid Apostasy

Charles Spurgeon on hopefulness in the face of general apostasy, heresies, and false doctrines. The entire piece is worth reading.


As for myself, I am often sadly tossed about because of the heresies and false doctrines of this present age. It grieves me to the heart to see the lack of spirituality among ministers and of holiness among professing Christians. It cuts me to the quick to see the utter rubbish and poison which is preached instead of Christianity. At times it looks as if all things were going wrong! The men to whom one looked as pillars, forsake the faith, and the staunchest give way for the sake of peace. We are apt to cry, “What will become of us?”

But if God is our refuge and strength, we need not be afraid, even amid general apostasy! While God lives, Truth is in the ascendant. I remember years ago meeting with that blessed servant of God, the late Earl of Shaftesbury. He was at Mentone with a dying daughter and he happened, that day, to be very much downcast, as, indeed, I have frequently seen him and as, I am sorry to confess, he has also frequently seen me. That day he was particularly cast down about the general state of society. He thought that the powers of darkness in this country were having it all their own way and that, before long, the worst elements of society would gain power and trample out all virtue.

Looking up into his face, I said to him, “And is God dead? Do you believe that while God lives the devil will conquer Him?” He smiled and we walked along by the Mediterranean communing together in a far more hopeful tone. The Lord lives and blessed be my Rock! As long as the Lord lives, our hope also lives! Gospel Truth will yet prevail! We shall live to see the old faith to the front again! The Church, like Noah’s dove, will come back to her rest and bring something with her which shall prophesy eternal peace.


  1. The unfolding apostasy and the apathy to sin and wickedness is overwhelming. I would like to share this song called, "Hiding Place" by Matthew Smith. Jesus is our Petra, our Hiding Place.
    Hiding Place by Matthew Smith

    1. Thank you Anonymous! Here is "Defending.Contending" blog's summary of who Michael Smith is and his music, and the lyrics to Hiding Place are there

      Matthew Smith is a young musician who takes lyrics from old folk songs and hymns, modifies them if need be, and puts them to his music. Here is a wonderful hymn from a Baptist hymnal printed in 1776. (Hiding Place)


  2. Praise God for His goodness for preachers like Charles Spurgeon.

    Here is quote from another Spurgeon Gem:

    Now, I could say much more; but I will not except just this, I want those who are the Lord's people to be very brave about the things of God. There has been too much of yielding, and apologizing, and compromising. I cannot bear it; it grieves me to see one truth after another surrendered to the enemy. A brother writes to me, saying, "You do not put so much mirth into your preaching as you used to do. When the captain at sea whistles, then all the sailors feel more cheerful." My friend adds, "Whistle a bit." I will do so. This is my way of whistling to cheer my shipmates. I believe in the everlasting God, and in his unchanging truth; and I am persuaded that the gospel will win the day, however long and stern the conflict rages. Therefore, my brethren, be not ashamed of the gospel, nor of Christ your Lord, who died that he might save you eternally. "Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong." Even if it did come to this, that every other man in the world were against the truth of God, stand you to his word, and say, "Let God be true, but every man a liar."

    Read the whole sermon. "God Justified, Though Man Believes Not"


  3. A very timely post Elizabeth, at times it is so disheartening to see the increase of wickedness in the world and of false teaching in once sound churches. It is good to be frequently reminded that the Lord God will prevail and righteousness will one day be the rule on earth.

  4. Elizabeth, the link doesn't seem to be working.

    1. Hi Grace To You,

      THANK YOU for letting me know! The link is to a .pdf. I had cut off the 'f'. It should be fixed now.


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