A follow up on Ouija board-demonic possession story: Pharmakeia

On June 23, 2014 I posted a story about three American teens and young adults who had used a Ouija board in Mexico and had become apparently possessed. The striking and horrifying video of the girl, who was reported to be 22 but turned out to be 16, went around the world in a heartbeat.

I like to follow up. I was thinking, how is that girl? Is she OK? Are they recovered? Was the story bogus, or does it have a happy ending? Well there is more, it turns out.

The teens had been encouraged by their guardians in Mexico to take a psychedelic drug used by shamans, so that they would be "opened to the spirits" before they played with the Ouija Board. In case you're unfamiliar, a Ouija Board is a "game" where players attempt to contact the spirit world for the purpose of asking questions, which are allegedly answered by the demonic forces through the seekers who are holding a planchette which is supposedly moved by said demonic forces to spell out the answers.

Here is the Daily Mail's update
'We tried to pray for them but it only made the demons angrier': Inside the terrifying 'possession' of Mexican orphan girl who took shamanic drugs to contact her dead parents with a Ouija board
The girl who shocked the world this week after she was videoed being 'possessed' after using a Ouija board was trying to contact her dead parents and had taken a shamanic drug used in Mexico to contact the 'spirit world', MailOnline can reveal today. 16-year-old orphan Alexandra Huerta, who appeared possessed by evil spirits in a video taken by paramedics as she was taken to hospital had taken Brugmansia, a poisonous plant which grows in tropical regions of Latin America. The drug is also known as Angel’s Trumpet for its large poisonous flowers, and induces dark hallucinations, confusion, muscle paralysis and can lead to death in large doses.

Brugmansia can induce temporary insanity, especially in those who are not yet fully grown. 'She started convulsing and screaming of terrible visions', said Maria Camaño, 48, her guardian in the house where the trio tried to make contact with the dead on Sunday June 22. 'We tried to pray for them and to get them to pray as well, but it only made the demons who had taken control of her angrier', she said in an interview with the MailOnline in the house near the village of Tepotzlan where the disturbing episode took place. Maria gave a terrifying account of the effects the Ouija board and 'bell flower' drug, as it is known in Latin America, had on Alexandra and her brother and cousin. They still firmly believe that she was in fact possessed.

I thought they were going to lose their minds', said Maria. 'There is a lot of shamanism in the hills where we live and I was terrified when I saw what the Ouija had done to them. 'She was possessed by a spirit who wanted to harm her.
Here is a New Age site's take on it
Here’s some good news for anyone who was contemplating trashing their Ouija board after the story last week about three young adults in Mexico who claimed they were possessed by demons after using one, including a girl who was videotaped screaming and struggling in the EMS vehicle on the way to the hospital. It turns out the odd behavior was caused not by demons but by Brugmansia, a drug used by shamans.

New details on the story reveal that Alexandra Huerta, the girl in the video, is 16 years old, not 22 as first reported. What’s worse, the drug was knowingly referred to her, her brother and their cousin by Maria Camaño, the girl’s legal guardian, who admits she was “helping” the orphaned girl and boy contact their dead parents. They boiled the flowers in a tea that they drank an hour before the session and its subsequent problems. Mrs. Camaño is the same woman who went to a priest first to perform an exorcism rather than getting medical help for the hallucinating teens.

Brugsmansia, also called Angel’s Trumpet for its poisonous flowers, has long been used in South American cultures as a topical remedy for pain relief, arthritis, infections and as an anti-inflammatory. All parts of the plant are poisonous and can cause death when ingested in large quantities, but it has also been used internally for spasms, pain and asthma. It is known to cause visual and auditory hallucinations and was traditionally given to misbehaving children who were told the visions they had were dead ancestors coming to scold them. Yikes!

It appears Alexandra and her relatives have recovered, although she has no memory of the experience. This is not surprising since Brugmansia hallucinations can cause a loss of awareness and amnesia. The Camaños say they regret suggesting the teens use Brugsmania and the Ouija board. And, of course, they plan to sue the paramedic who filmed the girl.

A sad tale of irresponsible adults.

This does not reduce the horror of the demonic possession. In fact, knowing that shamanic drugs were a part of their demon-play in fact brings it even more into the prophecy arena.
Strong’s: pharmakeia=drug-related sorcery

In Revelation we read an indictment against the world. Here it is-

"Then a strong angel took up a stone like a great millstone and threw it into the sea, saying, “So will Babylon, the great city, be thrown down with violence, and will not be found any longer. “And the sound of harpists and musicians and flute-players and trumpeters will not be heard in you any longer; and no craftsman of any craft will be found in you any longer; and the sound of a mill will not be heard in you any longer; and the light of a lamp will not shine in you any longer; and the voice of the bridegroom and bride will not be heard in you any longer; for your merchants were the great men of the earth, because all the nations were deceived by your sorcery." (Revelation 18:21-23)

In Greek the word is pharmakeia. If 'pharma' looks familiar to you it should be, it means drugs combined with witchraft or sorceries. Four years ago I'd written about this, here. I'd said,

We know from many verses that God is against sorcery, astrology, witchcraft, etc.; God hates sorceries.

The curious thing is that the word in the verse, "nations were deceived by your sorcery" the root Greek word for sorcery is actually pharmakeia. It is the word from which we get pharmacy. In the Strong's it means "from pharmakeuó (to administer drugs)." It is further defined as "the use of medicine, drugs or spells."

I am of the opinion that the verse in Revelation is NOT saying that legal drugs administered by doctors is bad. I am concerned with a trend I am seeing these days toward a renewed and vigorous interest in psychedelic drugs. How this ties in with sorceries, you will discover when you read on...

The trend I speak of is not new. It is ancient, actually. But in the search for God, many people take the broad way, the fork in the road that leadeth to destruction. That road is the search for experience, not a submission to belief. They seek feelings, and when they cannot find them, they turn to drugs. A melding of drugs and the spiritual is the most dangerous kind of sorcery, because it dulls the senses and creates a false god: self.

Go to the link to read the rest.

Drug induced shamanism to find a higher power is twisted but at least the motive is somewhat understandable if the method is all wrong (and evil). Drug induced shamanism to contact a dead loved one is twisted but understandable when unsaved young people unwisely do it. They don't know that this opens them widely to the demons. There is a great curiosity out there to the other side, and sadly, most do not turn ot Jesus to find it.

Worst of all though, increasingly, we see that shamanic or psychedelic drugs are being ingested so as to purposely seek the demonic. In this case I'd say it was less a 'sad tale of irresponsible adults' than a terrible poison given to children by evilly wayward adults. Seeking the other side? Contacting ghosts? Giving drugs to children? What a horror.

One only needs to see movies, television, youth-aimed books, games, clothing, and cultural pressure to know that more poeple  are unhealthily interested in the demonic. I've written several times about this. Add drugs to the mix and it dramatically worsens the situation. In the sermon "Satanic Slaughter," explaining Revelation 9:21, we read,
And then he mentions sorceries. Interesting word in the Greek, pharmakeia from which we get pharmacy, pharmaceutics, drugs. This is a word that is bigger than just drugs, although it literally could be translated druggings. Whatever it is that they use to dull their senses, whatever it is that they use to induce their satanic worship, whatever impure occultic practices they use to get in deep to their witchcraft, drunkenness, drugs, seances, hypnotism, incantations, mystic mantras, whatever induces their religious experience, cavorting with mediums, spirits and the deceptions of Satan. They're not about to let go of that. That, too, will be rampant. We see that coming, don't we?, in the New Age
It is not even the Tribulation yet and we can see the heightened interest in and indulgence of shamanic drugs so as to contact the other side. Those poor teenagers, their legal guardians exposing them to such evil when we rely on adults to protect us from evil.

It is one reason I do pray for the rapture. All the children will be safe, then. Please come soon Lord Jesus.


What does the bible say about sorcery?

What is the Jesus drug?

What kind of things open you to demonic oppression?


  1. Finally something to bring it together for me, to explain why "sorcery" is defined as using potions. First I was like, huh?, and now it makes more sense. That I hadn't really thought people doing witchcraft would be using obscure drugs, smh. Thanks for the spotlight.

    1. You're welcome. The link to my original pharmakeia article also continues on with discussing Timothy Leary and LSD and the use of drugs int eh spiritual search. But it makes it helpfully clear for me also to learn that the directive against sorceries in the the NT uses the word pharmakeia to include as an umbrella BOTH the drug use and the witchcraft, one to enhance the other. :)

  2. It is not even the Tribulation, YET, but from all that is happening around the world perhaps it will not be long.

    We must be in prayer for the lost, Jew or Gentile, friend or foe, remembering that once we were as these, without Him.......

  3. Thanks for the update. I was wondering.

    Personally, I stay away from legal mind altering drugs because of being "under the influence." I watched the docs medicate my dad with all these drugs that were not approved for seniors. He was not in his right mind during or after this 30 day stay in the hospital. Mind altering drugs used without witchcraft still opens a door to the other side.
    Always check the side effects and research the drug, if possible.

  4. In Rosemary's baby they use a drug called tannis root....maybe it is a representative of such drugs.


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