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  1. Such comforting words for those that love Him. I was wondering Elizabeth if you ever wondered about posting your conversion story. I enjoy reading them. And you've become kind of like my go to person with doctrine and false teachers and a friend of sorts. And I'd like to know more about you in terms of the beginning of your Christian walk. Though I understand if you don't want to, your not totally closed off to the idea, are you?

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      I have been thinking about it lately actually. There are some complicated things about it, and some controversial things about it, so I've hesitated. But I was listening to Don Green's Q&A yesterday of how his newly planted church operates and membership in it. Prospective members fill out a testimonial to include in their application for church membership. He explained that it didn't have to be long or detailed but only three parts:

      --what my life was like before my conversion
      --how I heard the Gospel
      --how my life shows the marks of grace now

      So when I heard it explained that way yesterday I thought more about writing it out. I have a few writing projects to complete in real life but then sometime before the summer is out and school begins again I'll do it.

      Thanks for asking :)

    2. here is Pastor Don Green's speech on "Membership Q&A". He planted Truth Community Fellowship two years ago. Green was an elder at John MacArthur's church and moved from CA to KY and they are located in the Creation Museum of Ken Ham.

      He said they are moving out of the church planting stage and into the regular operating stage, and wanted to formalize some of the things about how a church operates. It was wonderfully eye-opening in instructing his members on the responsibility of membership, member submission, pastor-elder submission, why they have a doctrinal statement, etc It wasn't boring.


    3. Thanks for the clip, Im enjoying it so far. So much dedication, that in order to protect the church he makes sure everyone is born again. In regard to the conversion though I sometimes doubt my own. After being saved I got seriously lead astray. Now coming out of it I feel so mad, I wish people like you can just rip their doctrine apart. I dont click on their videos to read the comments but I google them to see if anyone is calling them out. Sadly no one is at the moment. I cant remember if it was earlier but you said something along the lines of "people wrongly feel they arent right with God because they dont hear from him and that He only reveals Himself in His word." It made me feel so much better. And it was exactly what these people were doing. They talked about dreams and visions and what not and I went along with it because I was convicted and got saved after watching one of their rapture dream videos. They talked about visions of American being destroyed and if you prayed to God He will show you all He was showing them and if He didnt something was wrong with your relationship with God, there was something you werent doing. Well I prayed and nothing happened and I felt horrible the fruits of that kind of life were sadness and mostly worry. I'm so happy God has led me to people like you.

      I also wanted to ask you what you thought about websites like Vigilant Citizen? I just find it weird, but not surprising that a lot of Christians are into believing about subliminal messages and Illumanati and mind control. And I know this is kind of out there in terms of what you write about.


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