Happy Thanksgiving


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Elizabeth! Today, may we be truly grateful for many things! Our relationship to the Lord and what He did on the cross for us, He is coming for us SOON, and all things in life may we be truly grateful. I am thankful for Elizabeth Prata's blog!!!

    Unlike what WOF teaches, it is also good that we have been afflicted during certain points of our lives (I don't mean self tortured as the rcc teaches, but rather, this is actually "Biblical" where the writer says, "it is good that I have been afflicted"... I'll have to hunt it for us though, I'm thinking Proverbs..??)

    Elizabeth whether you are with family today or not, please be comforted and warmed by the Holy Spirit and KNOW that we will soon be transported to heaven, where we will forever belong to our heavenly home and family and will never yearn for anything or have shortage of relationships ever again! Hands off everyone, I get Elizabeth for the first 1,000 years! /smile.... Praying for you today & sending a HUG!!!

  2. Dear sister Elizebeth: Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may your day be blessed with the Lord's love and grace.

  3. Thank you ladies! I hope you are having a blessed day as well :)


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