From the mouths of babes: I'm taught a lesson on transcendence and immanence

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While a boy was using scissors to cut his Christmas tree project, he was being very slow but very painstaking. He wanted to be exact. And to do a good job. So while the rest of the kids had moved on to the ornaments and coloring and going fast, the boy was still plodding along.

When he got done, he held up his tree and said, "I'm a good cutter!"
I said, "Yes. You are a good cutter!"
"Jesus teaches me. He is in my head teaching me how to do it."
"What does He say to you in your head when He teaches you?"
"He don't say nothing. He's magic. Like, when there was a storm, he said STOP and just like that, a rainbow! He helps me."

Jesus is very present with this boy and in this boy. He speaks of Jesus often, but has never talked about his relationship with Jesus before.

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"And they said to him, “Do you hear what these are saying?” And Jesus said to them, “Yes; have you never read, “‘Out of the mouth of infants and nursing babies you have prepared praise’?” (Matthew 21:16)

"Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.” (Luke 18:17)

The boy talks about Him as He actually is- a friend and a helper, as if Jesus was here and right next to him. Which He is. Adult Christians lose that.

When we paint or make a Christmas gift or a craft and put the finishing touches on it, someone may say "That looks wonderful. You did a good job!" Do we say "Jesus directed my steps and it is with His wisdom/strength/help that I made this"?

The boy praised Jesus for His very present help.
The boy testified of Jesus and worshiped Him.
The boy acknowledged his need for help in even the smallest of things.
The boy exalted the transcendent Creator Jesus by recounting His powerful miracle but at the same time praised His presence, Jesus' immanence.

GotQuestions explains transcendence and immanence.
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Transcendence (God exists outside of space and time) and immanence (God is present within space and time) are both attributes of God. He is both “nearby” and “far away,” according to Jeremiah 23:23.
Praise Jesus today, and often. Praise Him like this boy did, confidently, matter of factly, and certainly.

"but Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 19:14)


  1. Just beautiful...made my day !

  2. Oh my goodness, what conviction and edification from a young child! Thanks so much for sharing this.

  3. What a GREAT post, Elizabeth! Out of the mouth of babes, indeed. Unless you become as little children...


  4. Thank you Elizabeth for this testimony!
    We all need to become like little children. The little boy was different and didn´t follow the others speed. He was led by because a very strong conviction that he was guided by his friend Jesus.

    Now let´s consider this: we as adults can chuckle at the cute little scene. Or worse, if he didn´t have a Christian lady as a teacher, he might be diagnosed as having a mental problem and feel ostracized by his peers and really feel that there was something wrong and weird about him.

    I could relate some of my personal testimonies of the many times when the Lord helped me and saved my life from real danger at sea, on the road, or walking down the street.

    I could tell you of the times he saved my children and me from a serious disease and impending danger that could have resulted in death.
    But like this little boy, I am shy and choose the time, place and the people with whom I will share. These times and events are very precious to me. They are part of my relationship with My Savior and Lord and I guard them as precious treasures entrusted to me by a God who has a purpose for them. When the time is right, he gives me a prompting to share with someone who needs to hear it for comfort, encouragement , exhortation or to give them a sense of God´s presence and loving kindness in their lives.

    I do this because there are so many who are out to muddy the waters and trample the precious truths of the Word and sow confusion and doubt in the minds of real seekers and immature Christians in need of growing.

    Just yesterday, the Lord warned me of a danger at home. In Brazil, the house perimeter is protected by a wall and sometimes an electric fence. Since a few months ago, we moved to another residence, the owner installed an electric fence, but let enough space above the gate to allow access for tall pieces of furniture.
    Only a few days ago, the installer finished the job. Yesterday, my brother in law brought a metal rod about 7 feet in length for me to store. I carelessly didn´t pay attention and carried the thing up. I was about a few inches from making contact with the live wire when I sensed a warning that I had to stop. It´s a good thing I did! I am having problems with my heart and I don´t know what would have happened if the rod had touched the wire.

    The Lord is concerned about doing important things in our lives, but he is also concerned about helping us doing daily tasks. He gives the practical intelligence and know how. It makes sense to me because knowledge, understanding, creativity and wisdom come from the Holy Spirit empowering us. The OT is full of examples in which God gave a battle strategy to David or the prophets and guided the artisans in the making of the tabernacle and the implements for worship.

    You are really blessed with being involved with the little ones education. Brazilian children are so precious and open. On the streets when I walk downtown, they respond to a smile and are not afraid as they are in the US. The poor people are so gregarious and open, respectful and ready to help.

    I really appreciate the variety of subjects you broach on your blog. There is some food for all tastes. You have really grown in depth since I first followed you. It is especially meaningful when you share some personal events or personal experiences in your life. I have noticed that on my blog the posts that receive the most attention are my personal testimonies and reflections.

    1. Thanks so much Jean-Louis. If I have been growing then I have opportunity to thank the Holy Spirit. I ask Him every day to grow me, so that would be a praise to His work in m. I'm sorry for your heart trouble. You're right, that danger of the metal rod against the live wire would have been a disaster. Sometimes I feel that we must give our ministering angels fits galore. They must be very busy at times, protecting us!

    2. You are welcome. Elizabeth. What is funny is that usually I am very spatially aware and sensitive to my surroundings. But we know that if we are alive, It´s because of the Lord and yes, our angels protect us especially when we are tired or totally unaware or being foolish!
      Have a great week-end.


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