Lists, lists, we all like lists. Listapalooza

When I was an editor/reporter I wrote lots of articles. Knowing I had readers of different ages, interests, and ability levels, I liked to write a variety of styles in the newspaper. Long, short, easy reading, casual reading, scholarly writing. And lists. I always liked bullet point, browsable, easily consumable lists. That was my favorite. So here is a list of lists.

These Christian writers present a list of excerpts and/or links, either daily or weekly. If you don't have a lot of time and want to just scan a list, this list is for you.

Dan Phillips at Pyromaniacs has collected a list of red light warnings to be on the lookout for when testing whether a teacher may be heading down the road of falsity. His is an invaluable list. I recommend bookmarking it or copying it and printing it out. It's called Red Lights.

Red Lights
It occurred to me that many might be served if we offered warning-signs of (at worst) false or (at best) unreliable teachers. Here are a number of such indicators. Some are instantly obvious; others only over the passage of time (cf. 1 Tim. 5:24). Any one of these should signal alarm. Found all together in the same person, trainwreck is assured.
Al Mohler puts out The Briefing each day. He writes that this list is a "Daily worldview analysis about the leading news headlines and cultural conversations."

Tim Challies publishes an A La Carte each day.

Erin Benziger posts This N That at Do Not Be Surprised on Fridays.

Trevin Wax also posts Trevin's Seven on Fridays. Or maybe he changed the name to "Worth a Look". I'm not sure.

Julia at Steak and a Bible has a semi-regular "Don't Miss" list

If you know of a good blog that publishes a browsable list pretty frequently, lt me know and I'll add it.



  1. Wow! Thank you. I have added these to my List.

  2. Have you ever made a list of your lists?

    1. LOL Karen! That would be just like me, but no, I haven't made a list of these kinds of lists. I just visit them when the fancy strikes :)

  3. Regarding one of the resources you gave us, here is a recent article at
    Do You Believe God Will Save Your Kids?

    1. Karen, thanks for sending along the link, but it would be helpful if you shared a little more about it. Did you read the article? Do you have an opinion yay or nay? It would be more valuable to the discussion if you share what was on your mind


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