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  1. Yes, I feel weary, oh so weary of this life. I feel like this old truck appears - not much mileage left in me. I'd rather be all alone than in the midst of all the worldly activities. I feel as if I'm in a dry and barren land - nothing here to satisfy my longing. But I'm not headed for the junk yard. I'm headed for my heavenly home. And I can't wait to get to my permanent home of peace and rest. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

    1. Sheryl,

      Thank you for your transparency. At 55, sometimes I too feel so weary - even numb. I too can relate to staying home ALONE, even loneliness and some bouts with depression. I have long ago loss my appetite for the ungodly running around I once practiced! I am finding that the more we saints grow in holiness, the more we will feel like real misfits in this dark world. It will cost us more on a personal level as we come out from the wicked elements of this sin cursed world.

      Being in the Bible daily along with focused prayer to the Lord God strengthens me. I also am being blessed by listening to John MacArthur and the “Grace To You” team daily! In case you may not be aware, you can listen or download long sermon messages from the audio archive (some video too) free of charge. This not only encourages us, but arms us with truth, and glorifies the Lord as we press on in practicing His truths. The web link will be found below.

      I also find real encouragement in extending the solemn warnings of the Bible to the lost, deceived, and the wayward - thus proclaiming the gospel that is Biblically pure, and not watered down by manipulating one’s emotions to a point of praying a prayer and then going back out and living in darkness. Also take note that sometimes it is very tough and can be draining in conveying truth with the masses - especially the deceived (the ecumenical/mystical crowd that are deceived by the scores of false preachers/teachers such as Rick Warren, Beth Moore). Again, thank you so much for your thoughts, and know that I have been encouraged by your struggles. You have been prayed for :--)

      The web link for John MacArthur and “Grace To You”: (or -

      Love in Jesus Christ,
      Rick Buffington
      Metro Atlanta


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