Prince Edward Island (nearly) obliterated by snow

A bit of news: from Canada's National Post

Prince Edward Island disappears into snowy Maritimes in satellite photo after massive winter storm
P.E.I., as well as parts of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, were hit with as much as 70 centimetres of snow on Sunday. (27inches of snow, or over two feet). The storm shut down Confederation Bridge, which connects New Brunswick and P.E.I., and made several other areas impassable, including the Cobequid Pass, a 45-kilometre toll highway in northern Nova Scotia.
From the Globe and Mail--
Monster snowfall completely buries cars and streets in PEI
Snow always makes driving more difficult, but in Prince Edward Island, so much of it has fallen many people can’t even find their cars. A winter storm has dropped almost a metre of snow (3.2 feet) in the past few days, and it’s often hard to see where the road ends and the ditch begins. On some rural roads, snowbanks are piled three times higher than the people standing next to them. The Journal Pioneer reported that some residents dug an eight-metre-long tunnel to try to find their car under white stuff piled two storeys high. The island itself is nearly invisible when viewed from space, as satellite images show.

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  1. Some of the storms that have slammed the North Atlantic this winter have been ferocious. I saw one that had Iceland covered for a few days.,17.05,440


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