Easter story movie clips

As we go into Passion Week, here are some video clips from the Resurrection story for you. Each one is a snippet from events during the week.

Here is one from The Jesus Film of His Triumphal Entry to Jerusalem: Palm Sunday.

Matthew 21:9     Mark 11:9     Luke 19:28, 35-41     John 12:13


  1. Thanks for posting this. It certainly is better than watching a Roman Catholic Bill O'Reilly movie showing tonight in which he says the real reason Jesus was "killed" had to do with His interference with the economy, eg; throwing out the money changers as an example.

    He said it was the kind of movie dealing only with historical facts and that even people who were not "religious" would enjoy it too.

    "TOO"???? REALLY???? I would think they would be the ONLY ones who could enjoy it because the Christians will be cringing if they could even watch this blasphemy at all.

    O'Reilly also said that he did not take the Bible all that seriously, citing as an example that Jesus could not have possibly spoken from the Cross because in his weakened condition, nobody could have heard him.

    It is truly a shame that the only thing close to a conservative network is Fox and their flagship program is "The O'Reilly Factor". Bill is not even close to being a conservative and every time he opens his mouth about Biblical theology I want to jump off the roof. (Actually I want to throw him off the roof if I were to be totally honest)

    His ego is beyond description and his interviews are nothing more than a lesson in rudeness as he interrupts and talks over his guests. And that is especially true when it becomes obvious that they know far more than he does.

    Before the airing of "Killing Jesus" tonight, there was a Nat Geo program entitled "Exodus Revealed" that absolutely attempted to tear the Biblical account apart. They used the most ridiculous assumptions imaginable as if to say that anybody who disagreed was a certifiable moron.

    So of course it would fall to reason that Nat Geo would be more than happy to produce and air a movie about Jesus that totally ignored who He was and why he died!

    As most of you know, the vast majority of the talking heads on Fox are also Roman Catholic and unfortunately their total lack of understanding of what Scripture teaches comes across in their attempts to support a conservative viewpoint.

    It's all very discouraging until we remember that we know the end of the story!

    1. I encourage you to save yourself much distress, Gates, and stop tuning in. That's what I did years ago after being an avid listener, and I promise you that you won't miss him, who is so arrogantly devoid of the truth...or any of the rest of them. This worldly kingdom they're trying to build is an illusion and is as stable as the Titanic. Abandon their ship. We're going up, not down.


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