The Forgotten God: His wrath

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I'm big on God's wrath. It is rarely taught from the pulpit, even rarer is the new book on it, children aren't taught it, today's theologians ignore it. I love God's wrath because it is an expression of one of His holy attributes: justice, and because I love Jesus I love ALL of Him.

I am in awe of His wrath, and if I think on it longer than a moment or two, I will cry over it. God's wrath is already being revealed (Romans 1:18) and it is a mind-bending, majestic thing. This attribute is still a necessary portion of who God is and we must understand it to proclaim it. To that end, this is the latest edition of Credo Magazine, the topic is "The Forgotten God: Divine Attributes We Are Ashamed of and Why We Shouldn't Be". I especially enjoyed the article "Should We Teach Our Children about the Wrath of God?" Check it out. It is free online.

The Forgotten God: Divine Attributes We Are Ashamed of and Why We Shouldn't Be

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Further Reading/Listening:

The Fury of God, sermon series by Pastor Jeremy Lundmark

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  1. Amen. Avoiding preaching God's wrath from the pulpit is what helped me stay a tare for years. And then I found Wretched Radio with Todd Friel. Their playing of sermon clips from preachers like David Platt, Voddie Baucham and Paul Washer opened my eyes to wrath of God. The cross finally made sense and God saved me. I too love God's wrath.


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