Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Scripture Photo: Great Supper of God


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    1. Hi DebbieLynne7, thanks so much! I have a lot of fun playing with post-processing my photos. So grateful for the summer off to do that. :)

  2. This is one of your photos? How did you get all those colors, you said above post-processing? It looks very foreboding, which fits the verse.


    1. Hi Carolyn,

      Yes, it's one of my pics. The headers on all my blogs are my photos, too. Here is a link to the original, untouched birds in the sky photo:

      I am practicing making photos into art. The Pixlr free download software or free web version is very robust and lots of fun to play with. I have thousands of photos from when I was working as a reporter/photographer, and from my own hobby. Now that there is so much you can do with digital photos, I really enjoy making scripture pictures.

      One thing I've been practicing with is looking for some of my photos that have a lot of negative space. You can do more with post processing using certain overlays when there is negative space. Unfortunately I don't have many, since for the newspaper you DON'T want negative space and I was taught to zoom in and focus on faces (they sell papers). So I have some of birds with sky and beaches with sunsets from my vacations.

      When I saw this overlay on the photo, I immediately thought of the aftermath of the Tribulation, when the sun will be dark and the heavens will be crazy and there will be a lot of blood (up to the bridles on the horses, and in the sky mixed with sulfur and hail). The overlay seemed to fit without obscuring the birds. The really look like they are busily on their way somewhere. And there was room for this longer verse, so I put it together.

      Other things I have done with my photos is use them in my blogs, and as greeting cards and bookmarks, laminated, for friends at Christmas. It helps to work in a school where my colleague's personal laminator was generously donated to me for the cause! So my three favorite things, writing, photograhy and the Bible, all in one! has EZ collage and instant photo-art making, all the way to versions that are as robust as Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. FYI. Don't get addicted like I have, lol!!

    2. I've definitely looked at your pictures on your personal blog (I thought the lomo's were so interesting!). I also liked your recent post comparing your pictures to the DPS ones.

      I checked out the original picture of the birds, wow, very different post processing. But fitting, I agree with you, thinking about the sun being dark, sky full of sulfur/hail.

      I'll have to check out pixlr later, though I am not much of a photographer. I can take snapshots, but honestly I don't have an eye for it.

      I do like doing something similar to you, though - I love taking Bible verses, writing short encouragements, and using pre-existing photos (like from clip art galleries) to make cards for believers.


    3. And yes, you do have an eye for photography!



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