Scripture photo: clanging cymbal

EPrata photo


  1. Elizabeth,

    You've done a lot of nice scripture photos lately!!!!


    PS: The picture under your 8/9 entry on Where Is Wisdom?, is that a southern colonial? I read that southern colonials typically have dual chimneys on the exterior walls, but northern colonials have one chimney in the center of the home. The placement of the fireplaces has to do with cooking and heating the home. Obviously in the south, you want more heat on the outside walls of the home, so it can dissipate. In the north, in the center.

    1. Thanks so much Carolyn! It is the University Library at a State University, imposingly towering over the quad. I picked it because it is college-y looking and I was writing about knowledge. I WISH it was a colonial! But many of the buildings at that old New England University were indeed colonials before they were modernized. :)

    2. I wondered if you would gravitate toward the old New England style architecture. :) So that's a northern university building, with exterior fireplaces, hm, interesting! :)



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