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Expositor FM: A new internet 24-hour radio station

My face when someone says they are doing a Beth Moore study/doing a Jesus Calling Devotional/posting a Joyce Meyer quote.

Here is a link to some critiques of these women who are doing harm to the faithful.

Woman to Woman

On the upside, John MacArthur at Grace To You has launched a new internet radio station. 24 hours of SOLID bible teaching adn hymns. I have listened to it for the several days it has been up and it's great! I heard a wonderful exposition of Jonah 1-2 from James Montgomery Boice and iI loved every minute of it. The sermons come from the aforementioned Boice, Steve Lawson, John MacArthur, S. Lewis Johnson, Dan Duncan, The Master's Seminary, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, and Dr Barnhouse. If you enjoy having 'background' stuff on while you're at home doing chores, ladies, this will fill the bill. Nothing errant or wild or wrong will pollute you. If you enjoy listening to sermons with focused attention, this station also fills the bill. Meaty and doctrinal, edifying and faith-building, I recommend Expositor FM.



  1. Thanks, Elizabeth!!
    Me ears will be sore from wearing my headphones24/7.��

  2. So glad you like it. I listened to several of Boice's sermons and a couple from Barnhouse, and I have new favorites now. They are both good. Dan Duncan is the preacher at Believer's Chapel (after Johnson left) and I know I love Johnson, MacArthur and Lloyd Jones already. Solid men.

  3. ThIS is fantastic! Already listened to some and checked their schedule. I have learned more from listening to John MacArthur's preaching over the last few years than I have any other pastor! If they'd add Paul Washer to the list, I'd be all set! :-) Thanks again for directing your readers to the link!

  4. Hi, this was a treasure of great worth. I appreciate this information. I will do a blog post with this info myself soon. Getting the word out...
    Blessings, Roxy


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