The End Time Anniversary: Seven years of blogging daily

Every day for the last 7 years by the grace of God and strength of the Holy Spirit, I've blogged here at The End Time. This is the three thousand, four hundred and sixtieth article. 3,460 times I've written something about Jesus. I would pray for 7 more years but I really hope the rapture comes before that.

I pray it glorifies Him, that it strengthens or convicts a sister, and that it motivates a non-believer to examine his eternal state.



  1. happy New Year and Congratulations ofn your dedication & may you enjoy 7 more years.

  2. God bless you, Elizabeth, and He will reward you for your efforts. You have been a real blessing to many!!!

  3. Your blog entries have been an encouragement and I thank you because it is obvious that you aim to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.

  4. Thank you Anonymouses and Kem! I always aim to glorify the Lord so your feedback helps me and encourages me in knowing I'm still on that narrow path

  5. I think you'll be disappointed about the timing of the rapture--God has more use of you yet. :)

    [Though the rapture is not a conditional prophetic event, if it is inferred that it will occur *close* to the Tribulation, which *is* a conditional event, it is likely to be a few more decades more at least. Personal speculation: 2080-2120 on the assumption that Revelation's Babylon is a revived Mesopotamian superpower]

    1. Hakam, from the moment of the rapture there will never be another disappointment.

  6. I seem to always be a day late and a dollar short, but cannot let pass sending my thankfulness for your constant faithfulness with this blog. Congratulations for the last and the upcoming seven years (should The Lord tarry!).


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