Paul Washer's Nervous Breakdown: or, What They Really Mean When they say 'Judge Not'

Video is under two minutes long-

Gill's Exposition says of the verse in Matthew 7:1- [emphasis mine]
Judge not, that ye be not judged. This is not to be understood of any sort of judgment; not of judgment in the civil courts of judicature, by proper magistrates, which ought to be made and pass, according to the nature of the case; nor of judgment in the churches of Christ, where offenders are to be called to an account, examined, tried, and dealt with according to the rules of the Gospel; ...

It would be well, if persons subject to a censorious spirit, would put themselves in the case and circumstances the persons are in they judge; and then consider, what judgment they would choose others should pass on them. The argument Christ uses to dissuade from this evil, which the Jews were very prone to, is, "that ye be not judged"; meaning, either by men, for such censorious persons rarely have the good will of their fellow creatures, but are commonly repaid in the same way; or else by God, which will be the most awful and tremendous: for such persons take upon them the place of God, usurp his prerogative, as if they knew the hearts and states of men; and therefore will have judgment without mercy at the hands of God


  1. This is such a great example of the "Judge Not" mentality out there now, thank you for sharing Elizabeth.

  2. The question would be (Do we love people enough to Judge? Not hypocritically but (make a right judgment)rather than judging by mere appearances)-John 7:24? Loving people and judging them are not mutually exclusive when we are loving them enough to share the truth.

    In light of Scripture, when Jesus said "Love your enemies,,,"-Matthew 5:44 we have to ask the question, Did Jesus love the Pharisees? Was Jesus contradicting what he said? Absolutely not. He loved people. Jesus hated the Pharisees as enemies of the TRUTH.

    Basically, people truncate the verse "do not judge" thus taking it out of context making it a spurious doctrine.


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