The Altar is Closed Forever!

This is a sermon given by my pastor of North Avenue Church in Athens GA. We are going through Genesis, and our Pastor has arrived at a "difficult and puzzling" verse about the mysterious figure of the Priest-King Melchizedek in Genesis 13-14.

First to mention, is that I am completely proud that our pastor does not skip difficult or puzzling verses. He digs right in with studious joy, and delivers the information in a comprehensible and engaging way. Listen through to the last part where the Gospel comes rushing at you.

Here is the blurb for the sermon, "How can Jesus be both our great High Priest and our King? How can he be both David's son and Lord? What does this mean for our lives? The author of Hebrews says this story is "hard to explain" and that it contains "meat for the mature" not "milk" for infants. So get ready to put on your floaties and hop into the deep end of the pool!"

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  1. That was good stuff! Listened while I got ready for the day this morning.... will open my Bible and dig into these things later today. Thanks so much for sharing! :-)

  2. Excellent! Thank you for sharing this...I am leading a study of Covenant by Kay Arthur and this is a perfect recap of our lessons to this point. I am sharing it with our group to help cement these glorious truths in our hearts.

  3. Thanks so much Anonymous and GCGirl! I am over the moon, overjoyed that you listened! I love my pastor of course, but I am thrilled that you took a chance and invested the time and listened to him. He preaches like that every week, and it's always good. You can always visit the online North Avenue Church anytime, the podcasts are available for free. Thanks SO much, again, for listening. It does my heart good. :)


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