Beware of desiring a vision/dream/word from the Lord

Women who claim to be Christian and say that
God or Jesus whispers, gives visions,
&/or speaks audibly to them. Clockwise, Kim Smith,
Beth Moore, Joanna Gaines, Ann Voskamp.
I hear so many of the false teachers saying these days they had a dream where they were loved on by Jesus and it was so emotionally sweet. Or they say they had a vision where Jesus called her honey and babe and He took her to the zoo so she could have a nice play date. Or they have a word from the Lord where He softly whispered sweet nothings. Or they are communing with Him in a garden and He audibly calls her name and gives her specific career instructions and encouragement and personal promises of success if she would just obey what is already written in the Word. Or they describe their vision of how he showed them how they complete Jesus.

Others hear about these visitations, and become jealous or discouraged that they are not also receiving such personal ministrations from their heavenly boyfriend Almighty Ancient of Days.

Have you noticed that whenever these women speak of having a personal visit/dream/word it is always sweet and wooing, but never GOD-like? Two weeks ago my pastor was teaching on the passage in Genesis 20, the section on Abraham and Abimelech.

Here in the Bible is an actual dream/vision conversation in which the Almighty God opened the conversation not with a promise of Starbucks and baby koalas, not with a promise of career success, not with sensuous nothings of a dewy night or breathless endearments like honey and babe, but a threat of death.

But God came to Abimelech in a dream by night and said to him, "Behold, you are a dead man because of the woman whom you have taken, for she is a man’s wife." (Genesis 20:3)

How about that? Death. And please note that Abimelech had not done anything wrong, Abimelech pleads his case, and God acknowledges Abimelech had done nothing wrong. Still, Abimelech heard, Behold, you are a dead man. For some reason I don't read about the Dream Divas relating that kind of conversation when they pridefully (2 Corinthians 12:7) relate their lengthy, audible, specific dream and vision quotes from an otherworldly entity they call Jesus - but isn't.

The take-away today:

Beware of seeking dreams and visions and a word from God. He might say Behold, you are a dead woman.


  1. The human mind isn't completely rational. So how do we diagnose the conscience of these women without acknowledging superego? Are we stuck with human frailties after all?

  2. 1. The human mind isn't completely rational
    Correct. It is drenched with sin and cannot think straight. (Romans 1:18-30, Ephesians 4:18)

    2. So how do we diagnose the conscience of these women without acknowledging superego?
    The Bible diagnoses us because it is inspired by the Holy Spirit and is the word of God. God knows the heart and mind, (John 2:24, Acts 15:8) unlike Freud, who didn't. The Bible says the conscience is evil. (Romans 2:15, Hebrews 10:22 There, diagnosed.

    3. Are we stuck with human frailties after all?
    Yes. What you call frailties God calls sin. Unsaved people are thoroughly sinful, thinking and doing evil all the time. (Genesis 6:5). We're stuck with them. Saved people still sin, though the difference is our sins have been forgiven by Jesus when we repented of them, thus qualifying us for future entry into heaven. However while still on earth, because our mind and body is still a mind and body of sin, we have to slay sin in us and continue relying on the Spirit for strength to resist sinning. We're stuck with our body of death until we are glorified.

    Hope this answers your questions. :)

  3. Really the human mind and emotions can tell you a lot of things. And dreams can be wild and seemingly important. But to believed these ladies have heard from God. I now know better then to believe that one!
    And you are so right, it leaves others like why don't we get to hear from the LORD? But we all can hear from the One true God through HIS WORD! Great warning!
    Thanks, Roxy

  4. Hi Elizabeth.
    I would expect that everyone who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ would hear His voice.
    If someone doesn't hear His voice, then there must be something drastically wrong with that believer.
    Which child of God does not hear the voice of their Father ?

    1. Hi Paul,

      Your expectation that every believer should hear from the Lord is a human expectation, as unbiblical as can be. Not even in the Prophet days did "everyone" hear His voice. The only time every believer will hear His voice is when He calls us home in the rapture. The only other time we hear His voice is when we read the Bible out loud.

      The bible is clear that currently, the canon is closed and we are to hear from Jesus via the Word. This is stated in Hebrews 1:1 as well as Revelation 22:18-19

      This 90 second video explains it -from the text.


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