Announcing my new eBook: Encouragement In Grace

I am happy to announce that I have written an eBook which is now for sale at Amazon! It's titled "Encouragement In Grace: Devotions & Inspirations for Christian Women" by Elizabeth Prata. The book is the first in a series of three I've written. The second two, Prophecy In Grace and Discernment In Grace will be published later.

Jesus saved me, in grace. His grace is sufficient, His grace sustains me, and it's His grace that is so amazing. So I named the series In Grace as a tribute to Him who is grace personified.

I pray the essays in the eBook shine His glory back onto Him.


Cover photo by EPrata, cover design by Liliana McAndrew


  1. Sister Elizabeth,
    I rejoice with you in furthering your ministry Outreach. I have thought for some time now that you should write some books and get them published. I deeply respect you and your constant display of sound Biblical Doctrine. Congratulations sister, and we know that the Lord God omnipotent is being glorified!

    Brother Rick
    Metro Atlanta


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