Prata Potpourri: Slogans, Relief, Contentment, Evil Suspicions, Hillbillies, more

At our school cafeteria the kids (or adults, lol) can purchase ice cream. Cones, Fudgsicles, Pop-Ups, and more, for 75 cents. One of the little kids excitedly told me that "Mom is going to let me get an ice cream every day on Friday!" I said, "Every day on Friday?" "YUP!" He said, his eyes agleam with thoughts of sugar high and forehead freeze.

It got me thinking about time. The child's sense of time of course is hugely distorted. One hour seems like a day, one day seems like a year, one year seems like a lifetime. As we grow, that refines. We develop a sense of time which is more accurate. But accurate to what? Time is a tool man uses, an invention of God, only finalized into the thing we know today during the industrial revolution when they needed the trains to run on time and not crash into each other. The General Time Convention was set up in 1853. Before that, people used sundials, mostly, or the sun itself.

In a school my day is segmented almost every hour by bells or schedules, and the clock. It's rigid. I've written before about the Tyranny of the Clock and our release from it, and yet thinking about living in no time, in eternity, is incomprehensible. What will that be like? I don't know. It might just be like every day on Friday.


At Banner of Truth there's a piece on slogans and deception. Oooh, an essay on language! "The problem lies not only with the corrupt and dishonest manipulation of words, but also with a kind of zealous sincerity."

Are you suffering? Going through an exceedingly difficult time? Um, God May Postpone Your Relief for His Glory

Always looking ahead, and never satisfied with where you are now? Christa says, "Contentment is found when I am truly grateful to God for who and where I am right now. If I’m not grateful today, why do I assume my gratefulness level will increase tomorrow?" Hm, good point. Read more here Always Reaching For the Next Big Thing [& how to stop]

There are some sins we don't think much about committing, or if we do, we deem them somewhat respectable. I wrote about the Crooked Speech of Gossip and at the blog Counseling One Another we learned about the Sin of Talking Too Much, and here is Charlene M. Nelson at Come To Christ with thoughts on the sin of Evil Suspicions.

It's a heartbreak for many different reasons when a pastor falls. It's a blot on the name of Jesus. It's a devastating impact on his church. It's a vivid reminder that the seeming mightiest still succumb to sin. We see many pastors tumble, but there are also many pastors who preach for decades and are mightily blessed. What makes the difference? "It is not the most able who are blessed in their ministry, but the most holy." Eric McKiddie has Something Pastors and Preachers Always Need to Be Reminded Of

Dystopia is real, and it is almost here. Which dystopia do you see as a closer reality: Orwell's 1984? or Huxley's Brave New World? Aaron Earls at The Wardrobe Door has some thoughts about The American Church's Real Enemy. If you read that piece, it would be great to follow up with Calling the Church To Repent.

I remember those days. Melissa at Your Mom Has a Blog says Don’t Live for a Compliment from Your Husband

I really like DebbieLynne's writing. Here at The Outspoken Tulip, she discusses Sending Something You Can't.

Samuel D. James with some thoughts on the new book 'Hillbilly Elegy', a book about faith in Appalachia.

The official definition of Finstagram? Finstagram (Finsta) is a fake (or second) Instagram account. Students, usually girls, get a second Instagram account along with their real Instagrams. (Rinstagrams), to post silly pictures or videos. Finstagrams are intimate online spaces intended for an audience of friends, with the number of followers purposely kept in the low double digits. The kids tell it like it is: ” use it to trick their parents into following them there when in reality they have a second ‘true’ account”. Yeah.

Here is Robin Schumacher (a writer whom I love) with a slideshare on The Pattern of All False Religions

Take care and enjoy the day. Remember, for those who are in Jesus, there is no condemnation. (Romans 8:1).