Kay Cude poetry: At The Rapture

Kay Cude poetry. Click to enlarge. Used with permission.

Artist's Statement:
I was deeply drawn to this painting because of the look on the face of the child clutched out of death into the arms of his beloved mother. I see peace mixed in with awe as he looks into the face of one who has nurtured him since birth; the face of the one he is so grateful to see. I am reminded of the nurturing love of the Father and Son for Their beloved redeemed; perhaps we will have that same look upon our faces as we look into the glorious and wonderful face of Christ Jesus at the Rapture.


  1. Beautiful!
    But it seems to me, that in this picture, the Shunammite's son is held by Elisha the prophet, not his mom? Or am I mistaken?

    1. I'll leave this for the artist-poet to answer.

    2. O, thank you Heather for you reply, and for your attentiveness! It is a little hard to see the three people in the painting (click on the image to enlarge). The Shunammite woman is holding her son as he looks up into her face. I see a peace and awe in the child's face, an expression we will surely have when we see Christ face-to-face at the resurrection of our glorified bodies. Look closely and you'll see the hand of Elisha just to the left, near the mother's head. To the right you'll see the husband in wonder as he looks over his wife's shoulder.
      Blessings, Kay :)


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