Thank you to my readers

A few days ago, on January 6, 2017, it was the 8th anniversary of The End Time blog. I have posted every day of every year for the better part of a decade. There are 3,865 essays on this blog.

I value all the people who have read the blog and those who I have gotten to know. I have been encouraged by you, ministered to by you, and inspired by you. It is the biggest thrill when someone comments or emails that they were encouraged by something on here. Even the detractors inspire me in different ways and for different reasons.

I praise the Lord for giving me the opportunity to write. I thank the Lord for readers.


  1. Good Morning Elizabeth.
    Your Blog is one of my favorite Blogs. In the morning when I turn my computer on I always go to my reading list and guess what, there is a new post from "The end Time" every day. It's very encouraging and your posts are always uplifting. Bless you girl, you have a follower in South Africa, Geoff.

  2. Grace & Peace to you Elizabeth! I agree with Geoff above. God led me to this blog 2 years ago during a very dark time in my life. He has used your wisdom and discernment greatly in my life. Stay true to Jesus, His work and His Word! Blog on dear sister! I do not have any of the accounts to post with my name. Blessings, Kathy

  3. Elizabeth, I'm so thankful the Lord led me to your blog. I'm so blessed by it. I look forward to your posts every day and know I'm going to learn something and even be challenged in my thinking every time I read it. I'm new here so I've been looking at your past posts and am so happy I have so many to read! I like that we have a love of working with kids in common. I too was in special ed for a while. The children at your school are blessed to have you :)

    Happy New Year and congrats on your anniversary!

  4. Your blog is my favorite! Your research of many subjects is incredible& you share so generously.Sound doctrine is growing grayer by the minute-
    & you are earnestly contending for its endurance! Love your teacher truths! We are seeing more politics playing out in our
    Church leadership=brother against brother= last days!" WE are living,we are dwelling in a grand & AWFUL time"...

  5. I read you everyday. You are a blessing. I should thank you every day.

  6. Thank yo very much Kristen, sandy lu, anonymous, Kathy, and Geoff! I appreciate you and your comments so much!


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