A short encouragement about the rapture (with no dates)

Phil Johnson, GraceLife Pulpit pastor and Executive Editor of Grace To You, also the editor of John MacArthur books, tweeted this:

Accepting the challenge, I searched it. Ahem. These were a few of the results-

It's the same on Google when you do a regular search.

We don't read the news and match to the Bible, but instead we read the Bible and then understand how our sinful actions in today's news repeat the same old sinful behaviors of the past. We know that judgment of those actions came then and will come again. God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Shall we pray to our patient but wrathfully righteous God? May we pray for our nation to call out to Him in abject apology for thrusting Him aside and instituting false gods? We are a nation in dire need of repentance. Otherwise, we know the rest of the story...and there are still so many to be saved.

Read the Bible, be a Berean! We need truth more than ever in these falling away, lying times. Meanwhile, enjoy His provision, whatever it may be. Today it's the rain, tomorrow maybe the longed-for job? A dinner invitation? A powerful sermon? God will provide what we need when we need it. Our Father will feed us, even as He does the birds, and are we not more valuable than they? :) (Matthew 6:26).

I think about the rapture every day. I know that evil men wax worse, and that each succeeding generation gets more sinful. I know that we are closer to the rapture today than we were yesterday. I can't wait for the rapture to happen, but please don't set dates. Just be ready to explain to anyone who asks about the hope we have within us. (1 Peter 3:15)


  1. I, too, have my mind set on the rapture and long for it to suddenly occur. God has been so good to me in this life - no complaints - but I am so weary and have had my fill of this world and can't even begin to imagine being on this earth for even one more decade, much less two or three! I would be thrilled if it were to happen on September 23rd. But tomorrow would be even better. God has proven men wrong so many times before, but they never learn that they can't calculate God's calendar. But one glorious day WE ARE GOING UP! and not a minute late!

  2. Amen Sheryl, I'm in agreement!
    The thought of what this world will be like, should the Lord tarry,even in ten years is wearying to consider! Come quickly Lord Jesus!


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