Spot the self-refutation: Beth Moore

When the Be Still DVD was issued in 2006, Beth Moore’s participation in what was obviously a mystical/pagan promotion of Eastern Religious prayer practices caused an uproar. This was 11 years ago at this writing and Moore was seen as solidly solid then. Moore issued a clarification and retraction and apology for her participation, saying it was "hugely accidental" if she participated in something unsound. She assured her audience-

Beth Moore 1: "I am not involved in any kind of emergent church movement or any kind of mystical prayer movement."

Then she continued in her apology, clarifying her words that ended up on the DVD-

Beth Moore 2: "Here's what I intended to say: pray, pray, and pray some more and learn how to listen for God's response."

The two comments are from the same piece of writing. Do you see what I see?


Here is Moore a few years later participating in a mystical prayer experience of Lectio Divina. Photo source: Sola Sisters.


  1. Yes, I see what you see.

    A few years ago, it was denial. More recently, she has "come out of the closet."

    False teachers have a boldness these days that is fueling their progressive downhill slide into complete apostasy. I believe they perceive themselves to be increasingly more spiritually powerful because of their large followings. After all, the majority is always right, aren't they? Well, not according to Jesus.

    1. Excellent and insightful comment. I agree completely, and I couldn't have said it better. :)

  2. It seems if she had meant her apology, she would have been careful and avoided continuing down that contemplative prayer path (such as evidenced by her prayer at the Passion conference). It's as if we are to take her apology and not notice a lack of fruit.

  3. "I am not involved in... any kind of mystical prayer movement."
    Followed by:
    "...learn how to listen for God's response."<--which is the core pursuit of mystical prayer!
    Oh Beth, how badly you are leading ignorant sheep astray!

    1. YES YES YES!!!

      Great catch Skippie. Oh, I fear so badly that unless the Lord graciously saves her, she will be among the millions saying, "Lord, Lord..." and she will deserve her fate.


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