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Prata Potpourri: Susie Spurgeon, The tone police, female preachers, Accessories, more

Here are a few items for your consideration tonight.

It's been a cool fall day here in north Georgia, and I appreciate this season so much. The oppressive heat has broken and the days are crystal clear and bright. One of these fine days, Jesus will blow the trumpet of God and call us home. We will zoom through the air to meet Him and He will escort us, His Bride, to the place He has been preparing. It's something to keep on our minds and to look forward to.

Meanwhile, why are there so many female preachers?

Accessories! I love accessories! Not scarves or purses, spiritual discipline accessories. Elizabeth Johnson likes to make intercession prayer cards. If you do too, her page shows you how. M Scott has a scripture card maker that's pretty cool. You can print them out and laminate them, or add them to a ring, or just tote around in your pocket.

More accessories! I love this bookstand. If you have a thick systematic theology or Bible or theological book you're reading and take notes while you read, this handy prop keeps the pages open and the book lifted up so you can be hands-free. The stand can be lifted to different levels from straight up to nearly flat. PS oh, yah, it works for cookbooks too! On Amazon.

Rachel Jankovic, who wrote Motherhood: A Call to Arms webinar, and books Loving the Little Years and Fit To Burst, is coming out wiht a new book this month. I've been promised an advance copy and I'll review it for you.

Speaking of books, finally! A bio of Susannah Spurgeon.

Susie: The Life and Legacy of Susannah Spurgeon, wife of Charles H. Spurgeon
by Ray Rhodes Jr. (Author), R. Albert Mohler Jr. (Foreword)

Mike Riccardi in 2011 with a sanctified rant about "tone". You discernment folks know what tone is about. And theologians who buck the trends. And pastors who won't bow to fads...

Todd Friel at Wretched comments on why people are lonely and suicidal
Samuel D. James on the Evangelical Christianity and the Teen Depression Epidemic. A difficult topic, bur one we can't ignore.

Need some eye candy? Look at these British castles and gardens. Or this on Harbour Island Eleuthera, Bahamas. Go ahead. You won't be sorry.


  1. "Tone police". Yes, I understand what that is about. However, I have also seen believers treat other genuine believers disgracefully (even to the point of calling them heretics, ie, unbelievers) because of certain doctrinal disagreements. That is not acceptable conduct.

    Why are so many sad/lonely/suicidal? In short, what Friel said, we were meant to be in relationship with God, and then with other people. I have long believed that our largely electronic world is harming us. People are so plugged into their devices, they don't even notice the people or the world around them. I wonder if our youth, who have been raised in this e-world, are suffering the most. They don't remember the days when you actually had to interact with real, live people regularly.

    Just an aside... I found it difficult to actually *watch* Friel's broadcast, so I listened to it with the window minimized. Why? Because he is wearing a men's white *undershirt* in a public video broadcast. I've always considered those type of shirts as something a man wears under his dress shirts, as an undergarment. I guess I am not comfortable seeing any man but my husband in an undershirt.

    Harbour Island... oh my!!! Sun (sun, and more sun!), warm, sand, the ocean. I'm there! (In my head.)



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