"I know..."

By Elizabeth Prata

Jesus is omniscient. We read this in the Bible and we accept it. But accepting it and understanding it at the deepest level are sometimes two different things. In listening to Pastor Eric Spuur of Mt. Angel Bible Church go through Revelation (series begins here, and is also here on iTunes), he emphasized the following point.

Jesus knows. He is fully aware of all that occurs in His church. See how many times it is written-

To Ephesus
"I know your works..." (Revelation 2:2)

To Smyrna
"I know your tribulation..." (Revelation 2:9)

To Pergamum
I know where you dwell..." (Revelation 2:13)

To Thyatira
"I know your works..." (Revelation 2:19)

To Sardis-
"I know your works..." (Revelation 3:1b)

To Philadelphia
"I know your works..." (Revelation 3:8)

To Laodicea
"I know your works..." (Revelation 3:15)

'I know'...'I know'...'I know'...'I know'...'I know'...'I know'...'I know'... it hammers you as your mind becomes aware of how many times Jesus declares this truth.

We live on earth where no one is omniscient, so of course we get comfy in the notion that this head that we carry around atop our necks is self-contained. It isn't. Jesus knows the hearts and minds of men and He knows the thoughts and intentions of it to the nth degree.

In an article called Seventeen Minutes, we learn it's the daily thoughts that count. As you read this, (and the impact is heightened if someone reads it aloud to you) you'll no doubt see some of your own thoughts in there. I did. They're ordinary thoughts. Normal, right?

They are also sin.

They are thoughts that Jesus knows.

There isn't anything that Jesus doesn't know, which when we understand to the deepest level, slays us to the marrow, making us cringe. As the unsaved Tribulation folks discover, it makes them cry out to the mountains and the rocks to crush them so they will not have to face Him.

Our lot is infinitely better, for we can cry out not in fear, but to our Abba! Father! (Romans 8:15). Yes, Jesus knows our thoughts and deeds and works. But He loves us despite the sin crushing force of ordinary thoughts in our mind and heart. He took that wrath that was due us and loves His own to the nth degree.

Will we ever understand grace as we should? Likely not here on earth. It surely is grace to be able to serve a God who knows, knows us through and through, yet stands in heaven as our Father, loving us anyway.