'Ordinary Faithfulness': Annual Church retreat 2019

By Elizabeth Prata

I attended our annual church retreat this weekend, at Sautee Mountain Resort. I just got home. It was a delightful time of learning, song, and fellowship in the mountains of North Georgia. Instead of the usual theological post or book/movie review I write here, I'll just post a few photos. I'm still processing the experience, but hopefully soon I'll reformat my notes and post what I learned. What I can say at this point is that I'm grateful for my church family, our leaders, and the Lord. :)

wood for the fire

Dawn in the Georgia mountains

Moonset in the Georgia mountains

A frosty morning 

Knit one, verse 2

Rising sun over the mountains on a chilly morning

Garden rest spot on the property

My cabin 
Walking down to the conference building to get coffee

Another cabin. Very steep

Post-Its and Bible study go together like Mac & cheese






Toy mountain

'Imagine' a church that focuses on God and each other... don't have to, that's NAC in real life