Thirty Days of Jesus Repeat: Day 12- The Son!

By Elizabeth Prata

We've flowed through the first section of this series, in looking at a few verses that prophesy Jesus' coming, His arrival, and His early life.

Starting today, from Day 12-16 we will look at verses that focus on Jesus as The Son.


Further Reading

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Spurgeon: Devotional on John 3:16, His Love, His Gift, His Son


Background and Introduction, Thirty Days of Jesus Series

Day 1: The Virgin shall conceive

Day 2: A shoot from Jesse

Day 3: God sent His Son in the fullness of time

Day 4: Marry her, she will bear a Son

Day 5: The Babe has arrived!

Day 6: The Glory of Jesus

Day 7: Magi seek the Child

Day 8: The Magi offer gifts & worship

Day 9: And the Child Grew

Day 10- the Boy Jesus at the Temple

Day 11: He was Obedient


  1. Is this true ? " Jesus carried in His body the sin of every human who ever had or would live, so all who believe in Him could receive forgiveness, mercy and redemption." Taken from the Crosswalk message under Further Reading above.

  2. Thanks for reading! Some say yes, that is how it went. Others say Jesus carried the sin and paid the penalty only for them who are pre-ordained to believe. What do you think?

    1. "So in summary, as we think about this, the death of Christ was a real true actual satisfaction of divine justice so that the sinner for whom Christ died is really, not potentially, provided an atonement into which that sinner will enter by the sovereign power of God at the moment when God regenerates that sinner and gives him faith. Not apart from the sinner's will, but in accord with the sinner's will, activated by the power of God. The death of Christ then was definite, particular, specific and actual on behalf of God's chosen people. It was limited in its extent by the sovereign purpose of God. It was not limited in effect. It was the work of God and Christ to actually accomplish redemption, not just make it possible. Christ procured salvation for all that God would call and save. Sinners do not limit the atonement as to its extent, God does. And God put no limit on it as to its effect. It fully saves all who will believe. Jesus actually took the penalty and paid in full for the sins of those who believe. This is why there is no condemnation. This is why we persevere in faith. This is why you can't lose that salvation because it was paid for in full...."For Whom Did Die ? Sermon by John MacArthur


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