Pointing you to my Wordpress blog at the-end-time.org

By Elizabeth Prata

See you at the-end-time.org

I've had this blog for 11 1/2 years. I've written on it every day. There are over 5000 essays here. My personal blog has been going for 14 years. I am very attached to my blog.

When Wordpress came along I added a blog there too, in case this one was suspended by Blogger. I don't own the content on blogger, Blogger owns it. They can shut down the blog without notice for any reason. In these perilous thought-times, this is happening more and more. So I thought it'd be a good idea to have a mirror blog at Wordpress.

That means I've been posting here AND there. When I write on The Quiet Life blog, I post here AND there. It's getting burdensome to post and re-post. WP doesn't handle things the same way as Blogger so essentially it means I am writing it twice, every day.

Blogger is introducing a new interface this month. I don't like it. So...I think the time has come to move exclusively to Wordpress. I will continue to write every day, but only over there. The address is

Still written by me, still the same name of the blog. Just go to

See you there!!


  1. Wherever you move your writings to, beloved Elizabeth, I'll follow! Blessings for all that you do for the beloved redeemed of Christ Jesus!

    Kay Cude

  2. Yep, things seem to change just when ya get comfortable. I usually dislike it when big companies make a huge change, then all of us small guys have to learn a new system, as well as set everything up again.

    I remember how well I liked Windows XP, then they stopped support, and then eventually I bought the Windows 10. Little to no software on it...you have to buy it separately. Same on these cell phones. TV'S too (I stopped watching TV years ago : - )
    Much rather hear MacArthur, the late Dr. Martin Loyd Jones, Spurgeon and others!

    See ya at your other site Elizabeth

    Brother Rick


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