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Prata Potpourri: Mocking, Notre Dame, Good Friday, more

By Elizabeth Prata

Good, Good Father on Good, Good Friday. He was pleased to crush His Son, so that we may live. Enjoy your holy weekend, whatever you have planned.


I agree with this article, and also include photography in the 'no mocking' standard.There are ethics that go along with online communication, whether you're a blogger or a tweeter or a facebooker... We should not mock people for their name, appearance, or disabilities. In addition, I have known journalists who, instead of ethically choosing a photo that is a standard profile pic, or a photo that shows the person in a good light, deliberately choose the worst photo in order to visually mock them. Brethren, don't do it. Michael Coughlin at Something To Think About has more-

Be Careful with Your Mocking
There is no excuse for mocking someone's God-given looks, disabilities or impediments, or incidental things like the name their parents gave them. It is not only ungodly behavior, but it …

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