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Our struggles are not so different

"Help me never to mistake the excitement of my passions for the renewing of the Holy Spirit, never to judge my religion by occasional impressions and impulses..."

Excerpt from the Valley of Vision, today's devotional, 'True Religion'. The set of Puritan prayers edited by Arthur Bennett is copyrighted and requested not to be published so I won't post the entire devotional, as energizing and encouraging as it is. You can read today's full devotional here.

More info on the book here:

"In this classic volume, edited by Arthur Bennett, the prayers of the Puritans are brought to life. Including prayers of Richard Baxter, John Bunyan, Isaac Watts, Charles Spurgeon, and others, The Valley of Vision is a selection of petitions and meditations in the Puritan tradition. This compilation of prayers is intended to teach and encourage Christians to be faithful in their private and family worship."

What I love about the book is not just the quality writing, th…

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