Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Terrible earthquakes, roaring seas...we are told these things would happen

Luke 21:11-- and there will be great earthquakes, and in various places plagues and famines; and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven.

Luke 21:25--There will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves,

Yesterday there was a terrible earthquake in Samoa, it was listed as an 8.0. Many died. It spawned terrible tsunamis that killed even more people and wiped out villages.

Today there was a 7.9 earthquake in Sumatra. Tsunami warnings were issued. Many died. There is "extreme panic."

The Lord told the Apostles when they asked Him what would be the signs of the coming of the end of the age, that there would be earthquakes in diverse places and that there would be roaring and tossing of the seas. Peter told us that when Christians point to these signs, and the other signs He told us about, that there would be mockers and scoffers. Peter said, "Know this first of all, that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking, following after their own lusts, and saying, “Where is the promise of His coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all continues just as it was from the beginning of creation.”

Previously, when I pointed to the increase in frequency of earthquakes, people would say just that, 'there have always been earthquakes. Jesus hasn't come yet and He never will.' They mock His coming and they scoff at the signs of the end that He told us would signal His soon arrival ... and they know not that even their own scoffing is a sign of His imminent return.

As a Christian I take these as signs and I use the signs in several ways. I thank the Lord for caring about His children so much that He heralds His soon arrival with signs that are inescapably noticeable. I point to them and say, "See? He has told us ahead of time! Now is the time to repent!" Also, I pray for the victims, and ask that their hearts be opened to His truth before another sign comes to pass.

It is unusual that two high-magnitude quakes have struck so closely together. This event, embedded among so many other signs that He promised, surely is not a coincidence. It is surely not something to scoff at. Jesus will come. Today, tomorrow, next year, but He is coming. All lost souls on earth are in peril because once He collects His bride in the rapture, salvation is available but it comes a lot harder and it comes at a heavy price. "Behold, now is 'the acceptable time,' behold, now is 'the day of Salvation'-" 2 Cor6:2b

And for myself, I do what the bible commands, because "...when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near." Luke 21:28. If I continue looking at Him and for Him His peace that passes all understanding flows through me and I can be His instrument of calm in the gathering storm. This will attract seekers of Truth, and I can share the Good News.

Notice the scripture says 'begin' to take place. He is coming soon! Christians, encourage one another with these words.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Barack Obama's Amazingly Consistent Smile

Barack Obama's amazingly consistent smile from Eric Spiegelman on Vimeo.

Ladies and gentlemen, your President is a robot. Or a wax sculpture. Maybe a cardboard cutout. All I know is no human being has a photo smile this amazingly consistent. Is the guy even human?

On Wednesday, the Obamas hosted a reception at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, during which they stood for 130 photographs with visiting foreign dignitaries in town for the UN meeting. The President has exactly the same smile in every single shot. See for yourself — the pictures are up on the State Department’s flickr (link below). And, of course, compressed into 20 seconds for your viewing pleasure. It is not a cardboard cutout, his thumb is in different positions in many of the photos. The rest of them he's ... the same. Eerie.

State Department flickr photos

Monday, September 28, 2009

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Psalm 122 A song of ascents. Of David.

I rejoiced with those who said to me,
“Let us go to the house of the Lord.”
Our feet are standing
in your gates, O Jerusalem.

Yom Kippur, Day of atonement begins amid fears, clashes
Shops were tightly shuttered along the narrow street leading from Herod’s Gate to the mosque compound.

Jerusalem is built like a city

that is closely compacted together.

Anger at Jerusalem shrine clash
Police used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse 150 Palestinian protesters who had thrown rocks at non-Muslims who entered the al-Aqsa mosque compound. Protests were quelled by Sunday afternoon, with dozens of police patrolling the streets of the walled Old City and blocking some of its gates.

That is where the tribes go up,
the tribes of the Lord,
to praise the name of the Lord
according to the statute given to Israel.

Bath used by Temple pilgrims found in Jerusalem
Israeli archaeologists say they have uncovered a ritual bath in Jerusalem that was likely used by pilgrims coming to the Jewish Temple 2,000 years ago. The bath is located next to the Temple Mount, the compound in Jerusalem's Old City

There the thrones for judgment stand,
the thrones of the house of David.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:
“May those who love you be secure.
May there be peace within your walls
and security within your citadels.”

Iran test fires nuclear missile capable of hitting Israel and parts of Europe
Iran has fired one of the longest-range missiles in its arsenal as part of testing it began ahead of a confrontation with foreign powers over a previously undisclosed secret nuclear facility later this week.

For the sake of my brothers and friends,
I will say, “Peace be within you.”
For the sake of the house of the Lord our God,
I will seek your prosperity.

Egypt says Israel lacks will for credible Mideast peace talks
Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit on Saturday accused Israel of lacking the political will to enter "serious and credible" peace talks with the Palestinians.Pray! Those who can do nothing else for the peace of Jerusalem, may pray for her, the LORD'S City.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

As God lifts His restraining hand, Amerika is born

I read James Michener's "Hawaii" cover to cover, several times. I was struck by the commitment of the Polynesian men who left all they knew to travel by canoe to an unknown place, just to try and make a better life for their children. I was also struck by the missionaries who arrived there hundreds of years later, intent on doing the same thing but this time, in the name of the Lord. The clash of cultures, old pagan ways versus new Christian ways, made for inevitable conflict. There is a famous saying in the book uttered by the last Hawaiian king, "It is difficult to be king when the gods are changing." This was true then and it is true today.

The gods are changing. The God of the Universe will remove His church at a time unknown to men's minds but at a season known to men's hearts, for He gave us signs and said "watch." He will withdraw and give the earth over to the ruler of this world, satan. He said lawlessness will increase, men will seek pleasure and wealth but will wind up with only brutality and repression. Satan as the god of this world, prince of the power of the air, and ruler of this world means he is the world's major influence. However, satan is currently restrained from unleashing his full force (2Thess 2:7) but when the Church is taken out of the way, he will unleash it with evil glee. And when he does, "For in those days shall be affliction, such as was not from the beginning of the creation which God created unto this time, neither shall be." (Mark 13:19)

Until that moment of unleashing, as one bible commentator said, "Satan will resort to a mode of opposition more conformed to the then imminent appearing and presence of the Saviour, and will anticipate Him with a last effort to maintain the dominion of the world, just as at His first advent he rushed into open opposition, by taking possession of the bodies of men."

Satan's opposition includes hating Christian America. If America is out of the way it opens up great broad ways for satan to maneuver. The dam will burst when the Restrainer is taken out of the way, and behind that dam are not the living waters of Jesus but an outpouring of demons from the abyss. People will drown in a toxic deluge that will be so horrendous that if the Lord Himself had not shortened the days no one would be left alive.

This essay shows the beginning of satan's last effort to maintain dominion over the world. Unfortunately for us, this includes the demise of America. Below we have a pictorial tour of satan's success in turning us away from our national values and toward the prophesied oppressive, global economy and government we are promised will come.

Morning in America, 1984

Morning in Amerika, 2009

Morning In America, 1984

Morning in Amerika, 2008

Morning in America, 2003

Morning in Amerika, 2008

Morning in America, 1986
Reagan refuses to give in to Gorbachev's demand to abandon Star Wars shields. This caused the Soviet Union to fall.

Morning in Amerika, 2009
Obama yielding to Putin and abandoning missile shields in the Baltics. This will cause Russia to rise.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

God will judge this nation (but do not fear it) pt 2

"Tekel: You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting." Can there be any more devastating sentence pronounced upon you? God said this to Nebuchadnezzar, when He wrote His condemnation of this King's leadership on the wall. Imagine God saying this to you. Or our nation. Well, someday, He will.

The bible is replete with promises that He will judge individuals. All will be judged, believers and non-believers. Individuals and nations. There ARE scales in heaven.

Job 31:6- "Let Him weigh me with accurate scales, And let God know my integrity"
Isaiah 40:15- "Behold, the nations are like a drop from a bucket, And are regarded as a speck of dust on the scales;"

God blesses and judges nations. Those who live for Him and use for Him the blessings He richly gives to us are blessed. Those who squander those blessings, turn apostate, or disobey, are judged. The Book of Amos alone lists 8 nations that are found wanting by God.

There can be no doubt that America has been richly blessed. For most of its 350 year history America has labored in His name for His purposes. Over the last fifty years, however, we have turned away from Him. This turning away has increased in momentum each decade that passes. We have slaughtered unborn, we have taken Him out of our schools, out of public life, out of government. We have become disobedient in His doctrines and introduced human ones. We worship money and sports and pleasure as idols. We have become lawless in society, apostate in religion, and cold toward our brothers. Many nations have been judged for less.

We used to be number one in the world. Are we still? Edward Gibbons spent twenty years writing "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire." Included in his through research was the realization that all great nations, Rome included, have fallen for the same reasons. Those reasons can be boiled down to just five.
  1. The undermining of the dignity and sanctity of the home, which is the basis of human society.
  2. Higher and higher taxes; the spending of public money for free bread and circuses for the populace.
  3. The mad craze for pleasure; sports becoming every year more exciting, more brutal, more immoral.
  4. The building of great armaments when the great enemy was within; the decay of individual responsibility.
  5. The decay of religion, fading into a mere form, losing touch with life, losing power to guide the people.
Are we leaning toward exhibiting one or two of these indicators? LOL no, all five are our byword these days. Woe be to us! No nation in the history of the world exhibiting all five criteria have survived. We are not going to be an exception to history. It has already begun:

We are no longer the richest nation on earth. Why bless us with wealth when it is not used for Him?
Europe Richer Than America
North America's wealth has now fallen the most out of any other region in the world, allowing Europe to step up to the plate as the world's richest continent.

We are no longer have stature or influence. Why give us influence when it is used for godless purposes?
Analysis: Why everyone is saying no to Obama
Everybody is saying no to the American president these days. And it's not just that they're saying no, it's also the way they're saying no.

Obama the impotent

The disappointment with Barack Obama is tangible – on climate change and financial reform Europe leads while the US lags.

Why give us strength when all we do is use it for body-weakening drugs, mind-numbing alcohol and soul-diminishing pleasures?
Why does the UN love Obama? Because he’s weak

Why have a globe with a one-nation superpower on it when it cannot be trusted?
Testing the currents of multipolarity (instead of uni-polar)

Why allow us to manage others' money when we cannot manage our own?
HSBC bids farewell to dollar supremacy
The sun is setting on the US dollar as the ultra-loose monetary policy of the US Federal Reserve forces China and the vibrant economies of the emerging world to forge a new global currency order,

Our faith, that city on a hill founded specifically to shed His light on the world, has dimmed as people with no religion gain on major denominations.

Is God withdrawing His present help from us? Some say it has begun already, and I am among those who believe this. He will take the Restrainer out of the way. The Restrainer in 2 Thessalonians 2:6-7 is almost universally accepted as the Holy Spirit. Is the Lord taking Him out of the way slowly at first and then rapidly as the apostasy grows? The bible does not declare the method; slow or fast, gradual or sudden, only the result. Judgment. But fear not! In wrath He remembers mercy.

Amos 9:9- "For, lo, I will command, and I will sift the house of Israel among all nations, like as corn is sifted in a sieve, yet shall not the least grain fall upon the earth." Christians are grafted into that sifting with Israel. He will not let the least little grain be lost! Despite the terrible judgment against Israel (war, famine, pestilence, captivity, slavery) He reassured them that not one believer will be lost. In wrath, He remembers mercy.

So why allow disasters? He desires to capture our attention through increasingly noticeable events. If blessings won't remind us of His presence in our lives, then a sifting judgment of His choice will be the alternate. We need not fear the coming national judgment, for our God is merciful in the weighing on the scales. Continue to serve Him and love all, so that you may be judged and found pleasing.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

God will judge this nation (but do not fear it)

I attended a revival this week and the preacher said, "Did you know that the Pilgrims founded New England on Christian principles and spoke of being "a city upon a hill"? This resonated with me, because I never bought that we weren't founded on Christian principles. Our very first document of self-government aboard the Mayflower in November of 1620, known as the Mayflower Compact, said, "Having undertaken for the Glory of God, and Advancement of the Christian Faith..." Sixteen years later Harvard was founded to educate clergy. Its original motto was Veritas Christo et Ecclesiae "Truth for Christ and the Church." It laid out the purpose of all education: "... to know God and Iesus Christ which is eternall life." Our currency bears the motto "In God We Trust" and adorns our Courts. We pledge allegiance to the flag as 'one nation under God.' So the preacher got me thinking about that City upon a Hill. The Holy Spirit has kept me thinking on it. It is in Matthew 5:14-16.

"You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hid. Nor do men light a lamp and put it under a bushel, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven."

Early Puritan John Winthrop, wrote “A Model of Christian Charity” aboard the Arbella in 1630. His treatise on charity was actually a sermon discussing the reasons why the Puritans were there and toward the end he referred to the city on a hill. Winthrop wrote:

[w]hen God gives a special commission He looks to have it strictly observed in every article; When He gave Saul a commission to destroy Amaleck, He indented with him upon certain articles, and because he failed in one of the least, and that upon a fair pretense, it lost him the kingdom, which should have been his reward, if he had observed his commission. Thus stands the cause between God and us. We are entered into covenant with Him for this work. We have taken out a commission."

The Puritans knew they were about the Lord's work and took that work seriously. From 1620 to mid last century, we have been the cradle of Christianity. More Christian publications are published here than any other country. More missionaries came from here than any other place. More money has been sent to help victims of war or disaster from this than any other nation. For centuries we cleaved unto Him. Of late, however, we have become neglectful of our charge.

"[B]ut if we shall neglect the observation of these articles which are the ends we have propounded, and, dissembling with our God, shall fall to embrace this present world and prosecute our carnal intentions, seeking great things for ourselves and our posterity, the Lord will surely break out in wrath against us, and be revenged of such a people, and make us know the price of the breach of such a covenant."

Being attuned to their commission, they were also attuned to the clear testimony that God mediates in history to judge apostate nations. The Old Testament book of Amos, among many others, shows us that. If God judges His own chosen people, is America any less likely to escape His justice? The Puritans knew the answer to that is no. This next paragraph in Winthrop's treatise is key:

"But if our hearts shall turn away, so that we will not obey, but shall be seduced, and worship other Gods, our pleasure and profits, and serve them; it is propounded unto us this day, we shall surely perish out of the good land whither we pass over this vast sea to possess it. ... So that if we shall deal falsely with our God in this work we have undertaken, and so cause Him to withdraw His present help from us, we shall be made a story and a by-word through the world. "

If you did not know that this document was 380 years old, you would think it was ripped from the Christian headlines today. We have become what Winthrop warned against.

Since the founding of America in 1620 we have been richly blessed. For 330 years we enjoyed territorial protection (for the most part), success in war, wealth, personal prosperity, spiritual growth, technological insight, protection from dread diseases...and much more. We are the greatest nation on the face of the planet for a reason: God.

The last fifty years have been a different story. Winthrop cautioned against disobedience, apostasy, carnality. In tragic accelerating momentum, we as a nation exhibit these very qualities. We are one nation under many gods and no God. The bible shows us that the brighter the nations' light shone from the hill, the more severe its punishment when they fall because "It would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than to have known it and then to turn their backs on the sacred command that was passed on to them." 2Peter 2:21

For America, wrath awaits. But do not fear His justice. Why? Part two tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Biblical sky: Sydney turns red

Sydney turns red: dust storm blankets city
"Sydneysiders have woken to a red haze unlike anything seen before by residents or weather experts, as the sun struggles to pierce a thick blanket of dust cloaking the city this morning. Callers flooded talkback radio, others hit social networking sites and scores of emails were received from readers as Sydney residents expressed their amazement at this morning's conditions."

"'But it was not known what would happen to the dust. "This is such an infrequent event ... it's hard to say when the dust will stop.' The dust has caused havoc with the city's transport system this morning, with visibility on the roads reduced to just a few hundred metres in some places. Last night, large hailstones fell in parts of Goulburn and Wagga, while wind gusts exceeded 90km/h, the Bureau said. A 109km/h gust was reported at Moss Vale, it said. The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a severe weather warning across the state because of widespread damaging winds, which are expected to increase in force across Sydney this morning." More pics here

The article goes on to say that national and international flights were suspended. Trains and busses were suspended. Traffic snarled. Ferries were docked. Tunnels were closed. The dust was so thick you could not see. This has never happened. Officials were at a loss to explain it.

Increasingly, we read events in the news where officials have no answers for the event's existence. A 100 year flood in Georgia. Atlanta inundated. Dust turns the sky red in Sydney. Unprecedented Rains on Rosh Hashanah. God is speaking to us. He told us that the time of the end would be filled with increasing earthquakes, roaring seas, distresses, and perplexities that make men's hearts fail with fear.

How many disasters, crimes, collapses does it take to get our attention? See, He told us ahead of time in Matthew 24:7; Luke 21:25-26; Revelation 6:12; 11:13; 16:18 what would happen. I pray that any person in Christ who reads this, sees not trouble but peace: peace because Jesus keeps His word, because He is live and active on the planet now. Because injustice will be conquered and banished forever. Because the saved will be vindicated. Because our Redeemer is coming.

If there be any person unsaved who reads this, please see these unprecedented events as God's hand speaking to us. He has always used natural events to seek His own. He does this to help us to see our dependence on Him to sustain and deliver us. Are you ready to acknowledge that the Creator God is the ultimate sustainer and deliverer? What will it take? A bigger dust storm? A wetter flood? More rain? I pray that this be the day of your salvation.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kremlin says Israel promised not to strike Iran, but...

Kremlin says Israel promised not to strike Iran
"MOSCOW (Reuters) - Israel promised Russia it would not launch an attack on Iran, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said in an interview aired on Sunday in which he described such an assault as "the worst thing that can be imagined." ... "When he visited me in Sochi, Israeli President Peres said something important for us all: 'Israel does not plan to launch any strikes on Iran, we are a peaceful country and we will not do this'," Medvedev said.

Yes ... but did Israel promise not to strike Syria? I've had Syria on my mind lately because an oft-overlooked prophecy about the end times concerning Damascus. Damascus is the capital and largest city of Syria.

Isaiah 17:1-3: Prophecy about Damascus
"Behold, Damascus is about to be removed from being a city
And will become a fallen ruin.
"The cities of (Aroer are forsaken;
They will be for flocks to lie down in,
And there will be no one to frighten them.
"The fortified city will disappear from Ephraim,
And sovereignty from Damascus"

Damascus is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. It is a governorate, meaning, its own state as well as a city. (sovereign). Since it has been continuously inhabited, we can say for certainty that Isaiah's prophecy has not yet come true. It is, nor ever has been, a heap of ruins. It has never lost its sovereignty. It is not forsaken. It is a vibrant city these days with a population of 1,669,000 people. Jim Simmons wrote a very good article about this prophecy. I excerpted it here but I encourage all to click on the headline and read in its entirety.

Israel's Preemptive Strike: Against What Country?
By Jim Simmons

"Will Israel strike Iran or Syria? Many people are talking about Israel’s preemptive strike against Iran, but maybe we should reconsider Israel’s position ... Syria is known as a training ground for terrorists. It is believed to be the base of operations for a number of terrorist organizations, including al-Qaeda, Hamas, and the Hezbollah. Syria is directly linked to Iran and Russia. ... Considering Syria’s strong ties to Russia and Iran, one would think that Syria would be one of the Russian allies [listed in Ezekiel 38] included in the coming Russian/Islamic Confederation invasion of Israel, but it isn’t listed. The most likely reason for this lies in its prophesied destruction according to Isaiah 17. Since Syria is not listed, we can place the sequential timing of the destruction of Damascus prior to the Russian invasion."

Jim makes an excellent point. Syria does not participate in the Gog-Magog war as described in Ezekiel 38-39. It is not listed in the alliance of nations that gather to come against Israel. Why not?? [ancient lands and their current names here]

So, when we read about Israel gathering steam to make a strike, and it is assumed that it would be Iran ... think instead of a smoldering heap of ruins that used to be Damascus. I have long thought that the destruction of that old city will be a clear an undeniable prophetic fulfillment that we, as Christians, could point to and say to unbelievers, "Jesus answered them, "Do you now believe?" John 16:31

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Gospel preached to the whole world and then the end shall come

On the Mount of Olives, Jesus pointed to the glorious and massive Temple, and he sadly told the disciples "See ye not all these things? verily I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down." The disciples were surprised, and they responded with questions of their own. They asked Jesus "Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?" (Mt 24:3) Often overlooked is the fact that those are actually three questions, and Jesus gave three answers. However, remember that the context of His giving the answers was in relation to God's program for the Jews, not the Church. The completion of God's work with the church will be the rapture. His answer to the second question, the signs of His coming, speaks to that. It is important and actually commanded for us to understand the signs of the end times Jesus related in answer to the second question, but phrase "the end will come" means the actual end when Jesus arrives after the 7-year Tribulation.

In response to the third question the disciples asked, what is the sign of the end of the world?" Jesus replied "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." (Mt 24:14)

Many people take that to mean as in what we call "The Great Commission," Matthew 28:19-20 in which Jesus commanded, "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." There is a difference in witnessing to believers, to go and make disciples who grow over time, and a statement of fact from Jesus that the gospel of the kingdom will be preached and then the end will come.

Pre-rapture, God gives each person on earth the opportunity to get to know Him. He does this through disciples and missionaries who obey The Great Commission (Mt 28:19-20; Mt 5:16), or through making His handiwork evident (Rom 1:20), or through the Holy Spirit drawing them (John 16:8-11) and many other ways. Jesus gives us myriad opportunities to get to know Him and time to grow once we do.

The scripture Jesus related to the disciples as to the gospel being preached right before the end is a post-rapture event. After the rapture, the gospel will be preached to the whole world. The gospel is now being preached IN the world and AROUND the world. Jesus said right before the end the gospel will be preached TO the whole world. And the difference is supernatural.

In the post-rapture Tribulation, God sends 144,000 witnesses to bring the gospel to tribulation survivors, some of whom become believers. These 144,000 are supernaturally sealed to be able to survive all the seal, trumpet, and bowl judgments coming upon the earth and destroying so many people. (Rev 7:2-4) Many unbelievers die, but many people are saved but because of the judgments ongoing and the severe persecution from the antichrist, the tribulation believers have little time to grow and become disciples. Many die, and quickly.

In His infinite mercy, God also supernaturally sends Two Witnesses to preach the gospel to the whole world. These are the two who proclaim night and day (likely at the Third Temple in Jerusalem (Rev 11:4, 8), and who are hated by the world and then allowed to be killed by the Antichrist. The Witnesses lay in the streets for three days and then God resurrects them and they ascend to heaven. The whole world heard their testimony, the whole world rejoices in their death, the whole world sees their resurrection. (Rev 11:3-12)

Even then, our merciful God still never leaves us without a witness to preach Good News to all the world! He sends and angel who flies around the earth preaching to all who dwell upon it! "Then I saw another angel flying in midair, and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on the earth—to every nation, tribe, language and people. He said in a loud voice, "Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of his judgment has come. Worship him who made the heavens, the earth, the sea and the springs of water." (Rev 14: 6-7)

And God in His mercy sends a second angel! "A second angel followed and said, "Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great, which made all the nations drink the maddening wine of her adulteries." (Rev 14:8)

And still, He sends a third angel! "A third angel followed them and said in a loud voice: "If anyone worships the beast and his image and receives his mark on the forehead or on the hand, he, too, will drink of the wine of God's fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath. He will be tormented with burning sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and of the Lamb." (Rev 14:9-10)

So the gospel is preached to the whole world and then the end will come. It is useful and instructive to track the progress of the Gideons and how many countries they have now delivered the gospel to, (185 out of 194 countries in the world), and to see the reach of Billy Graham's sermons worldwide, because it is exciting to see so many come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ. But they do not in my estimation indicate that the rapture may be near if they approach a 'preaching to the whole world.'

But isn't it amazing to read history ahead of time and confirm the fact that God sends His emissaries to us right up until the last moments! This is because "The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance." (2 Peter 3:9) However, the end will come, as Jesus promised, for all of Jesus's words are sure. "But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, in which the heavens will pass away with a roar and the elements will be destroyed with intense heat, and the earth and its works will be burned up." (2 Peter 3:10)

Jesus is waiting for you. He is the Great Shepherd, and you, if you are a lost sheep, can come home and find safety in forgiveness of your sins. Your wool looks white compared against the green grass, but against the white snow it seems as they are only filthy rags. Jesus wants you to listen to His Good News, that He saves you from your sin, but only if you ask Him to forgive them. I pray that this essay has shown you that we have a merciful God who is and will do everything in His power to offer you this Good News. Will you take him up on His offer before the end shall come?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Creeped out by cryptid. Are monsters among us?

Cryptids are popping up all over these days.

August 24, 2009, WPTV NewsChannel 5: Strange sea creature in Lake Worth dubbed 'Muck Monster'
There's something lurking just under the surface of the Lake Worth Lagoon. This mysterious creature was caught on tape by the LagoonKeepers. "We spend a lot of time out here on the water and seen a lot of different creatures out here and this is the first time in three and half years that I’ve ever seen anything out here that didn't know what it was," Reynolds said.

August 26, 2009, Fox News: Proof That the Loch Ness Monster Exists?
Sun reader Jason Cooke spotted "Nessie" while browsing the Web site's satellite photos. The shape seen on the surface of the 22-mile Scottish loch is 65ft long and appears to have an oval body, a tail and four legs or flippers.

September 3, 2009: Chupacabra: blood sucking mythical beast 'found in Texas'
While its hairless, leathery body and pointed muzzle resemble a dog with severe mange, other animal experts who have inspected the corpse have suggested it may be a chupacabra, a predator first sighted in Puerto Rico in 1995.

September 10, 2009, Telegraph UK: UFO or pterodactyl photographed over Argentinian lake
A strange object photographed over a lake in Argentina has been described as either a flying saucer or a flying dinosaur. The object, photographed by a fisherman near San Rafael over an artificial lake called El-Nihuil, was, according the the newspaper Los Andes, witnessed by more than one person/

September 16, 2009, Telegraph UK: New Montauk Monster Spotted in Panama
A mystery creature reportedly beaten to death by a group of teenagers in Panama is the subject of much speculation on the web. The beast's hairless, rubbery body and revolting features have drawn comparisons with the Montauk Monster, the still-unidentified animal photographed on a New York beach last year. According to reports in Panama, the teenagers spotted the creature crawling out of a cave while playing in the town of Cerro Azul north of Panama City.

September 17, 2009: Satellite shots reveal a mysterious lake monster
Could this be the Loch Alexander Monster ... or is it something a lot less mysterious? The images captured on Google Earth show a large brown object in the murky water at Lake Alexander, where a giant cod bit a woman on the foot last month.

That was a huge monster list for just the past three weeks. So, monsters and the end time. What have they to do with each other? Jesus answered the disciples' query as to the signs of the end with what is known as the Olivet Discourse, a talk with the disciples on the Mount of Olives. Jesus used the word "deceive" many times, to indicate an end-time atmosphere of deception riddled with false christs and false prophets, lies upon lies and false wonders and signs to back up the lies.

In addition to deception, people have power to deceive through lying signs and wonders. This is consistent with the regular people in the Old and New Testaments. Pharaoh's magicians could perform lying miracles, they turned their staffs into snakes in front of Moses. Acts 8:9 talks of a magician named Simon who was practicing magic in the city and bewitching the people of Samaria. In the time to come, the false prophets of the tribulation and the antichrist will also perform lying signs and wonders to deceive even the very elect, if that were possible. 2 Thessalonians talks about the deceptions of the antichrist and how strong they will be and how pervasively they will penetrate. But that is a time to come. How do we get from here and now to then?

Gradually. Like creeping apostasy, preparing the secular world to accept supernatural events takes time. It is a gradual creep that builds, like an evil symphony dementedly moving toward the crescendo.

A Forerunner Commentary puts it like this:
"Before the man of sin appears, Satan must lay some groundwork to prepare for his acceptance. What better way than to throw the world into quarreling and divisive and wearying confusion? People then yearn for some strong and seemingly wise hands to set things straight, so the nations can "catch their breath" and have a span of peaceful calm. In its wake, confusion creates directionless people, with little desire to change the status quo, whose minds are turned in upon themselves in an attempt to keep what they have."

Add to the current mix of financial, economic, military, and cultural quarreling and division comes another kind: a worldwide array of seemingly real monster creatures. The scientific would be turned on its head because no neat category exists in which to put these creatures. Regular people would fear to swim or walk or play in the areas where the animals have appeared. Discussions started among friends and heated arguments in families as to the meaning of it all and questioning the veracity of the reports.

The point is not whether these weird creatures exist or are simply mutated everyday animals. The point is the world's reaction. First, the animals' existence are being taken seriously. Second, they are being reported widely. Third, people are highly interested. After the The Lake Worth Muck Monster video was uploaded to the LagoonKeepers' website their site went from 4 hits a day to 2000. Fourth, people are confused, shocked, fearful. Whether these are hoaxes or are freak accidents of nature, people are evaluating the facts and making decisions that enlarge their supernatural worldview, or in some cases, confirm it. The witness to the Argentinian "pterodactyl" said, "I was excited and I do believe life must exist on other planets."

We are even told that we already see through a glass dimly but add to that in these end times, an overlay of deception that we are also told is coming. Perceptions are skewed, emotions are running high, and "evidence" can be faked. Christians, stand firm in the Word. People are skeptical when they shouldn't be and accepting when it's wrong to be so. A commenter on my other blog responded to the photo of the DC rally that truly showed the massive scale of the march claimed that it had been Photoshopped. Yet people say, "Oh, did you hear there's a pterodactyl flying around a lake in Argentina?" Satan is doing his groundwork. Are we doing ours? Are we giving thanks to Him among the nations, and singing praises to His name? (Ps 18:49) You can avoid being consumed by the lion if you are a sheep who knows his Master's voice. Take off the dark glasses of deception and see Him who is beckoning. Then, no matter where satan's groundwork appears in the form of a lie, a war or even a 'monster,' you will know the truth.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jeruslam to be divided!

Comments are now fixed! I had not realized that the comments link was broken. Those of you who wish to make a comment on anything written here can now do so. Please let me know if there are other broken links or if something does not work. My e-mail is at the bottom of the page. Thanks. Today's news from Benjamin Netanyahu is rocking the Christian world:

Netanyahu: The land of Israel will be divided September 16, 2009
“The Israel HaYom newspaper reveals a leftist turn for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Speaking in an interview to be published Thursday, the Prime Minister admitted he had come to terms with dividing the Land of Israel."

As lately as this May Netanyahu repeatedly said it would never be divided. Netanyahu's latest decision indicates a caving-in to world pressure, not the least of which is the United States and most certainly pressure from the UN, which opens for the 2009 General Assembly on Monday, Sept 21.

Why is this news rocking the prophetically-aware Christian world? Because first, it is a prophecy that Jerusalem will be divided.

Revelation 11:2 "But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months."

It seems that the prophecy's fulfillment may be at the very doors.

And secondly because God has declared that He will judge that decision harshly.Joel 3:2 "I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will enter into judgment against them concerning my inheritance, my people Israel, for they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land."

Zechariah 12:3 "And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces."

O, Lord, come quickly!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Time is running out

In a car full of kids on a long journey, the kids always ask, "Are we there yet?" Time passes slowly for them no matter how fast the car is going, lol.

A New Theory says time is disappearing from the universe

"New evidence is suggesting that time is slowly disappearing from our universe, and will one day vanish completely. Professor Jose Senovilla proposes that we have been fooled into thinking the expansion of the universe is accelerating, when in reality, time itself is slowing down. Though radical and in many way unprecedented, these ideas are not without support. Gary Gibbons, a cosmologist at Cambridge University, says the concept has merit. "We believe that time emerged during the Big Bang, and if time can emerge, it can also disappear - that's just the reverse effect."


Mainstream scientific theory is that time began with the Big Bang. Biblical fact says it began with God and the 6 days of Creation. However, the secular world adheres to the Big Bang as the start of things. "In the beginning, all the universe was compressed into a tiny ball. All that matter that ever was, ever is, and ever shall be was contained in this tiny ball. At some point (we do not know when) suddenly the ball went BOOM! (we do not know why) and flung all the matter out into the universe (we do not know how far). For some time after that the Universe was busy forming and suns and moons and planets from gas. We do not know how they do this. We think that the universe is still expanding but now we are not even sure of that because it seems that it may in fact be decelerating. See, for a long time we thought that dark matter was the stuff that propelled the universe apart, even though we do not know what dark matter IS or even for sure that it exists. Oops. Now, we have decided that dark matter does not exist and time is indeed ending because the universe is not expanding after all. But isn't that a nice story, Johnny? Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you more facts about science and the Universe."

As biblical apologist Ken Ham asks, "Where did the matter come from that made up this tiny ball? How is it possible to condense all of the universe's matter into a tiny ball and then keep it that way? What caused it to explode?"

As for time and its beginning and ending, any theory of "The Big Bang" would necessarily require the pre-existence of an accelerant - the very presence of something which would violate the original supposition that nothing existed prior to the Bang. Secondly, any notion that the Big Bang occurred would have to include the idea that there was a progression of events (time) leading up to the Bang, wherein the explosion subsequently occurred. It matters not if that build-up was lengthy or infinitesimal, there had to have been a progression, where parts of a whole lined up in such a way as to cause the Bang. That lining up of parts to ignite the causal event would have to include time because it takes time to line up. It even takes time to explode.

The concept that scientists in the news clip above are now exploring is actually the closest to the truth: We believe that time emerged during the Big Bang, and if time can emerge, it can also disappear - that's just the reverse effect." Time DID emerge during the moment of the universe's creation. Prior to that, God existed. He always has. He is I AM. But He is outside of time. "For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity," (Is 57:15) The bible was written by 44 authors in 66 books over 3400 years yet is a cohesive whole. It tells a united story. Only God could do that. He is the unifying thread in the Word but He is outside of time.

We know that once we as Christians enter eternity then time for us will be no more. When we die, or during the millennial kingdom, or after that, I am not skilled enough to know at what point exactly, but time will end. Are you ready for your timeless eternity? We all get one and we all spend it in either of two places. Pray to Jesus to ask Him to forgive your sins and you will inhabit eternity with Him. If any person does not seek forgiveness of their sins, they will inhabit eternity without Him, in hell. And that is a long time to wonder, "Are we there yet?"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We are hardwired for God

Growing up and studying cultures and then traveling a lot, I mused that it sure was weird that every culture on earth that is and ever was had a spiritual side where the people worshiped something greater than themselves. And I wondered why so many cultures have a flood story and a creation story.

Note: children in photo NOT the Good News Club children.

As an adult I would listen to family and friends say that children are too tender to learn about Jesus, that learning about Christ is "shoving it down their throats." But when the homosexual agenda appears in the schools, children as young as 5 and 6 are not too tender to learn about Nathan's two daddies. Anyway...

I love the verses in the bible that show Jesus with the children. Matthew 18: 1-6 is an example. So is Matthew 19:13-15. He said that the kingdom is made of such as these. The children would flock to Jesus and He rebuked the Apostles for rebuking the parents for allowing them to 'interrupt' Jesus. Children came to Him in humility, powerless in a low station in society, but loving wholly despite that. Children do not strut, they do not posture as the Pharisees did. They come because they have always responded to total love and heavenly truth.

Our Good News Club began this week and after the songs and the snack and the introductions and the prayers, we began the bible story. It was the Creation, from Genesis. As soon as I began telling it, putting up the first flannel piece on the board, they settled in, nestled their heads on elbows, snugged down and gave me their entire attention. I saw 40 wide eyes for the entire story. They listened intently to the lesson, and at the end they had good questions and great comments. I was astounded at their receptivity.

The researchers at the Ian Ramsey Centre at the University of Oxford asked themselves the same questions, 'Why is belief in supernatural beings so common?' 'Are there factors that contribute to the general tendency for people to believe in gods generally and God specifically?' Turns out the answer is yes.

Why? "Because of the natural design of human minds. Human minds, under normal developmental conditions, have a strong receptivity to belief in gods, in the afterlife, in moral absolutes, and in other ideas commonly associated with ‘religion'. Further, our natural endowment goes a long way toward making religious rituals and other practices a nearly inevitable feature of human sociality. In a real sense, religiousness is the natural state of affairs. Unbelief is relatively unusual and unnatural." Justin Barrett wrote a book summarizing in plain language this cognitive research, titled, "Why Would Anyone Believe in God?"

We are hardwired for God. It is life, adults, and unbelief that beats natural faith out of kids. Teaching them about Jesus isn't jamming it down their throats. It is supporting a natural, hardwired tendency that already exists in them. To get a child NOT to believe what they already believe it takes hard work and years of indoctrination.

If we are hardwired for God then how did that happen if, as evolutionists say, we emerged from the primordial soup as a one-celled unthinking organism? Did evolution occur that included cognitive acceptance of a higher being? If evolution is true then that would have to be the case since all cultures worship greater beings in the supernatural realm.

But alas, we did not evolve to become cognitively hardwired for God. As the children in my lesson knew, God created us and planted within us a seeking to know Him, because God desires to know us. He desires a relationship with His greatest creation: humans.

Jesus is serious about ensuring that the littlest and weakest among us are not caused to stumble. "And whoever receives one such child in My name receives Me; but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea." Jesus says that pushing a child away from his faith will be punished. "[T]his punishment would be an act of mercy compared to what is in store for those who turn little ones from Christ's way - be they arrogant university professors, torturers enforcing Islamic law or gossipers within the church."

So be warned, shoving atheism down the children's throats is considered a heavy offense. And looking back at the 40 eyes looking at the flannelboard as the Genesis story was told to them, I can see why. Therein is Jesus, already at home in the child's heart.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Charles Darwin succumbed to the strangler fig of apostasy

"Let no one in any way deceive you, for it [The Day of the Lord] will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction," 2 Thessalonians 2:3

Apostasy: "Abandonment of one's religious faith, a political party, one's principles, or a cause."

Paul is telling the Thessalonians that before the antichrist is revealed, there will be a falling away of the faith. There already was a falling away during his own time. Falling away in this case does not mean heresy, the Greek word hairesis which means a rejection. He used the word apostasia, to depart from the truth. Apostasy is not abrupt, one day a person gets up from the pew and never comes back. Apostasy is more subtle. It is a kind of creep, like a strangler fig, slowly overtaking the host tree until the life is absolutely choked out of the host and it perishes in a slow and agonizing death.

I would venture to guess that if there was a top five list of prominent people whose work engenders apostasy, Charles Darwin would be right up there. The UK Guardian said that he "was a man whose life's work has done more to challenge religion than anything in science..." and that is true. Darwin's falling away was proportional to the worldliness he was living in, aboard the HMS Beagle, where he wrote that the men would make fun of him for his orthodox views. Gradually, his apostasy made itself known, Darwin said:
I had gradually come by this time, [i.e. 1836 to 1839] to see that the Old Testament was no more to be trusted than the sacred books of the Hindoos or the beliefs of any barbarian.
How did it happen that a man who was raised Christian and attended seminary, lost his faith so completely that he ended up proposing a theory that would do more to encourage apostasy and faithlessness than any other concept in the history of the world? Gradually. Like the strangler fig, satan takes a tentative hold and then if not immediately swept away, he moves his tentacles in and winds slowly around.

The new movie "Creation" attempts to answer the question about how a faithful man can lose his faith, which the movie makes out to be a good thing. It is opening this week and getting rave reviews at the Toronto Film Festival and other places where it has premiered. However, there is one place where the movie is not yet scheduled to be shown: the US. Why? We are "too religious."

"A British film about Charles Darwin has failed to find a US distributor because his theory of evolution is too controversial for American audiences, according to its producer. Creation, starring Paul Bettany, details Darwin's "struggle between faith and reason" as he wrote On The Origin of Species. It depicts him as a man who loses faith in God following the death of his beloved 10-year-old daughter, Annie. The film was chosen to open the Toronto Film Festival and has its British premiere on Sunday. It has been sold in almost every territory around the world, from Australia to Scandinavia. However, US distributors have resolutely passed on a film which will prove hugely divisive in a country where, according to a Gallup poll conducted in February, only 39 per cent of Americans believe in the theory of evolution. The film has sparked fierce debate on US Christian websites, with a typical comment dismissing evolution as "a silly theory with a serious lack of evidence to support it despite over a century of trying. Jeremy Thomas, the Oscar-winning producer of Creation, said he was astonished that such attitudes exist 150 years after On The Origin of Species was published. "That's what we're up against. In 2009. It's amazing," he said."

So much in that one paragraph. It is the time of apostasy in a world that embraces a 'theory'; instead of the facts of God; that America is 'too religious' (as if there is any such thing); the notion that the world has outgrown God and we must become modern. That, after all, it IS 2009.

Apostasy is a falling away from the truth. Here is some truth: Darwin wrote "On the Origin of Species". There was a reason Darwin did not title it "On the Origin of Life." Science can't explain how life began on this earth. But bible believers know: God created the world and everything in it in 6 days. An even better truth are the words: "Hebrews 12:2- Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God."

It is through fixing our eyes on Jesus that prevents apostasy. He is the Origin of Life. Charles Darwin turned his eyes away as he spent two years aboard the less than moral atmosphere aboard the HMS Beagle. It was there his relationship with the Lord began to falter. In his letters to his fiancee and then later his wife, he expressed his doubts, which caused his sincerely Christian wife a good deal of consternation. She wrote back,
May not the habit in scientific pursuits of believing nothing till it is proved, influence your mind too much in other things which cannot be proved in the same way, and which if true are likely to be above our comprehension..
Alas, it was not to be. Apostasy had taken root in Darwin's life and he was slowly succumbing to the strangler fig. Darwin wrote:
during the five years of my voyage (& indeed I may add these two last) which from the active manner in which they have been passed, may be said to be the commencement of my real life, the whole of my pleasure was derived, from what passed in my mind, whilst admiring views by myself, travelling across the wild deserts or glorious forests, or pacing the deck of the poor little Beagle at night.
Darwin was eyeing the world's delights. He was no longer entranced with the heavenly mysteries. And when one of life's tragedies was thrust upon Charles Darwin, he no longer was standing on the rock that would have kept his head above the waters of turmoil. His beloved daughter died and that was the final push for the formerly faithful man. He sank into faithlessness.

Paul warned us that the end time would be full of apostasy. Apostasy begins when we take our eyes off the one true goal: Jesus. The second you take your eyes off Him, a clarion bell goes off in hell, and satan sends his demons to swoop at you with the strangler fig seed to plant in your mind. Beware, it comes slowly and stealthily, until pretty soon you are so choked with lies you decide that we are descended from monkeys instead of Children of God.

What does it mean, "many shall go to and fro?"

In Daniel 12:4 it is written, "But as for you, Daniel, conceal these words and seal up the book until the end of time; many will go back and forth, and knowledge will increase." (NASB) The KJV states, "But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased."

To and fro. Back and forth. What does that mean exactly? John W. Ritenbaugh wrote in a Forerunner Commentary:

"The phrase "to and fro" is not to be limited to people literally going from one place to another. While it does also mean that, the words in Hebrew indicate something that is happening entirely within a person's mind. The minds of people are casting back and forth as though they are in midst of a puzzle, a mystery, an enigma that they cannot figure out. Or, they are all stressed, and their minds are flashing back and forth because of all that is burdening them."

As for the rest of the prophecy, he wrote, "The phrase "knowledge will be increased" is a direct reference to the prophecy itself; that is, knowledge of the prophecy will be increased. Many would seek to understand it between Daniel's time and its fulfillment, but its message must be revealed. However, its revelation will not occur until the people of God need to understand it for their well-being and God's glory."

I believe the 'increased knowledge' and the 'back and forth' is happening now. Lately there has been a widespread explosion of interest in prophecy. Lay-people who speak about the end times are not marginalized or looked at as crazy but are listened to. Many have an opinion an an interest in prophecy these days to some degree or other. Knowledge (not always correct knowledge) about prophecy is increasing among many peoples, not just Christians.

As people become more interested in prophecy, they are listening to and watching the end-time prophecy preachers. And those preachers themselves (many of them) seem to be going 'to and fro', "back and forth" about different aspects of prophecy. Some of this, of course, is to be expected. As Ritenbaugh mentioned, only God knows the fullness of His plans. We only know what He chooses to reveal, and some of that is clouded on purpose, such as in the Daniel prophecy. For millennia, people could not understand the prophecies, and God is only just now revealing these in His time.

However, there is an aspect to this prophecy that has another side to it. Mike Mickey at RaptureAlert has reported via Nathan Jones at Lamb and Lion Ministries that The Gospel Tract Society has abandoned the Pre-tribulation rapture in a moment of drastic refocus.

The pre-trib stance is biblical, and states that prior to the Great Tribulation and the moment when the Antichrist is revealed, Jesus will call His Church up to Him where we will meet Him in the air. The ensuing wrath God sends to the earth are His judgments against a rebellious humanity, something that the saved will not have to endure. As for his about face, Tom Buttram of the Gospel Tract Society responded to Nathan Jones that "As though someone reprinted my Bible overnight," he now sees things differently. The Society wrote on their website, "Most importantly, we have made a major shift in one core belief that the Church of Jesus Christ would be miraculously taken out of this world before The Great Tribulation was initiated..."

After 80 years of teaching a prophecy based on clear scriptures, the Society has made an about face. What would cause an organization that has been faithful to the scriptures in a certain stance for 80 years suddenly and "overnight" go the opposite direction? As Ritenbaugh wrote about this prophecy, there are those who would be going "back and forth, as though they are in midst of a puzzle, a mystery, an enigma that they cannot figure out. Or, they are all stressed, and their minds are flashing back and forth because of all that is burdening them."

In any case, the Gospel Tract Society's dramatic refocus may well be one example of what Daniel was told, that "Many will go to and fro..."

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Two-state solution on UN Security Council agenda

In May of this year, it was reported that "The U.S. ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, said Obama is determined to vigorously pursue "a comprehensive peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors" in the months ahead." This peace includes pressuring Israel to accept division of her land to create a Palestinian state. The pressure to create two side-by-side states has been ongoing and relenting, ever since the United Nations adopted the Resolution in January 2009 and it was accepted by the General Assembly. Here is what the Resolution says the UN will pursue:
Permanent sovereignty of the Palestinian people in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and of the Arab population in the occupied Syrian Golan over their natural resources
Just looking back in the months since the Resolution passed, the UN Security Council has issued continuous statements that creation of a Palestinian State is and continues to be their intention. Often, the votes for these resolutions are unanimous. The UNSC stated it in January 2009 here, and again here, and again here, and most recently here. It seems like the UNSC means it.

In September, it was reported that President Obama will take over the Presidency of the UN Security Council, something no other US President has done. That spot is always filled by the US designee, the Ambassador to the UN. Why Obama has inserted himself into a position to which there already exists a career appointee has not been made clear by Obama or his staff.

Obama's insistence on a Palestinian State is not new, he articulated it as far back as January 2008 during his presidential campaign, when he said "he supported the division of Israel into at least two parts by a Palestinian state."

May 2009 Obama assured us that two states “would provide the Israelis and Palestinians the peace and security that they need...” The UNSC's main task under the Charter is to "to maintain international peace and security..."

Finally in June after years of opposition, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has at last acknowledged, with caveats, the need to establish a Palestinian state.

As the UN opens a new session this month, on the UNSC agenda Chaired by President Obama, #42 on the Provisional Agenda A/64/150 includes the following item: "Permanent sovereignty of the Palestinian people in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and of the Arab population in the occupied Syrian Golan over their natural resources (resolution 63/201)."

Meanwhile Palestinians warn of new "Intifada" against Israeli settlement, "The possibilities that another Palestinian popular Intifada erupts against Israel are high and are expected to occur at any moment ..." and indeed, a few minutes ago "At least two rockets were fired from Lebanon into northern Israel on Friday, Lebanese security sources said."

Now, the UN is famous for making resolutions that remain on the dusty shelf. The UNSC's agenda is long and producing conclusions or call to action in the limited time they have to discuss the issues may well not occur. However, the split between the US and Israel for the first time ever, the unusual pressure by the US, for the first time, brought to bear against Israel to accept division of their land, the fact that the Security Council will be, for the first time, chaired by the US president who has stated unswervingly for years that he wants to see Israel divided, the fact that the Israeli PM has even voiced for the first time the notion that he may accept this solution ... all firsts that may indicate a completion of some of the prophecies in the not too distant future.

Prophecy means that it will come to pass. The LORD's Word is sure. He has said "I will gather all the nations And bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat. Then I will enter into judgment with them there On behalf of My people and My inheritance, Israel, Whom they have scattered among the nations; And they have divided up My land." So Israel will be divided by the end.

He has said, "And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it." So at the time of the end, all nations will hate Israel.

He has said, "When they are saying, "There is peace and security," destruction will strike them as suddenly as labor pains come to a pregnant woman, and they will not be able to escape." So there will be an undue focus on 'peace and security'.

The powder keg is heating up. When will these things come to pass? We do not know. What will be the spark for God's prophecies to be fulfilled? Only God knows. Are we nearing that moment of igniting? The Lord did tell us to remain watchful and to know and understand the signs of the times. Pray for discernment as to the Lord's will for your life of service. Seek the Lord's will for all you do. He is our hope and our salvation. Whether these things come to pass tomorrow or next year, matters not for the saved Christian in the face of eternity. For the unsaved, though, the time is short...and growing shorter by the day.

Netenyahu secretly visits Russia, preparing to attack Iran?

I bring your attention to a monumental event occurring on Friday, September 11. Joel C. Rosenberg, author of Inside the Revolution, and Lt.-General (Ret.) Jerry Boykin, former commander of Delta Force, will host a national town hall meeting to discuss "the threat of Radical Islam, the future of Israel and the role of the Church in the Middle East."

This national town hall meeting will be simulcast at over 600 churches, check here to see the closest church near you. This National Town Hall Meeting will explore the global implications of radical Islam and the church’s response. The evening will include the showing of an excerpt from the documentary film Inside the Revolution. There will be a question and answer session and a time to pray for our nation.

This first section of Rosenberg's book Inside the Revolution includes a history of the Ayatollah Khomeini’s Islamic revolution in Iran as well as a look at Osama bin Laden’s personal history. It also contains a close look at the life and beliefs of current Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The section contains many quotes from radical leaders that dispel the notion that Iran’s leaders seek nuclear power for peaceful purposes.

This town hall comes at a time when it was revealed just today that “A senior Kremlin official confirmed to the Russian paper Kommersant that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu did make a clandestine trip to Russia on Monday,” for the possible reason that 'It can't be ruled out that Israel may be ready to move on to decisive actions with regards to Iran, and Netanyahu decided to inform Kremlin of this.'

With the IAEA expert saying that Iran is this close to attaining a nuclear bomb, and the Russian newspaper quoting experts speculating that such a trip by Netenyahu to Russia would only be justified under extraordinary circumstances, "for example, in the case of Israel planning to attack Iran," it is more imperative than ever that we listen to the Town Hall, digest the information, and pray. FMI, Joel's blog has links and news

This town hall comes at a time when, according to Rosenberg, radical Islam has never been such a global threat, and yet the other revolution occurring globally is that Muslims are converting to Christianity in ever greater numbers. Praise the Lord! We ARE in a revolution, as the bible said we would be at the time of the end, of good against evil. Please tune in to the National Town Hall to listen for critical information obtain encouragement... and to pray with brothers and sisters all over the world!

Prata's Place / Graceful Garlands: Gradual Growth

My title comes from Hear, my son, your father’s instruction, and forsake not your mother’s teaching, for they are a graceful garland ...