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US Air Force officers claim UFO's visited, and messed with our nukes

The other day I posted a blog entry about how the Pope's Astronomer, Guy Consolmagno, said that he most certainly would baptize aliens, if he came across one, "no matter how many tentacles they have." It was the Astronomer's contention that aliens would certainly have a soul.

I made the biblical case that any off-planet life (with the exception of angels, does not exist. Read here for the bible verses that collectively show that ET's do not exist (except for angels, both the good ones and the bad ones.)

In another recent entry, I'd posted about a second incident at a Chinese airport that was closed because radar and eyewitnesses showed that an Unidentified Flying Object was causing a disturbance and fears that it would crash into oncoming planes forced the shutdown. I'd ended that entry with, "And since satan will have power to cause lying wonders, it would be no small matter for the fallen angels (demons) to make a craft appear in the sky and startle the locals. Someday they may land and say "take me to your leader."  If we are still on earth when that happens who would you tell them your leader is?" Remember this for an explanation in a moment....

And now on Sunday we read:

UN to appoint Earth contact for aliens
THE United Nations was set today to appoint an obscure Malaysian astrophysicist to act as Earth’s first contact for any aliens that may come visiting. Mazlan Othman, the head of the UN's little-known Office for Outer Space Affairs (Unoosa), is to describe her potential new role next week at a scientific conference at the Royal Society’s Kavli conference centre in Buckinghamshire. She is scheduled to tell delegates that the recent discovery of hundreds of planets around other stars has made the detection of extraterrestrial life more likely than ever before - and that means the UN must be ready to coordinate humanity’s response to any “first contact”. During a talk Othman gave recently to fellow scientists, she said: “The continued search for extraterrestrial communication, by several entities, sustains the hope that some day humankind will receive signals from extraterrestrials. Professor Richard Crowther, an expert in space law and governance at the UK Space Agency and who leads British delegations to the UN on such matters, said: “Othman is absolutely the nearest thing we have to a ‘take me to your leader’ person.”

My, isn't the UN efficient. Or maybe prescient? Today, Monday, we read that a group of ex-US Air Force  officers are meeting to urge the US Government to come clean about...UFO's. Their assertion is that they know we have been visited by aliens and the aliens even caused a temporary malfunction in our nuclear facilities. Here's the story from Military Times:

Former Air Force officers discuss UFO sightings
"WASHINGTON - Armed with declassified documents and vivid details, a group of former Air Force officers gathered Monday to go public with an assertion they have kept mostly under wraps for decades: that UFOs visited the bases they were stationed at and caused nuclear weapon system to temporarily malfunction. The group, convened by UFO researcher Robert Hastings, came to the National Press Club in Washington to discuss their individual experiences and to urge a government that tried to ignore and silence them when they came forward years ago to finally come clean. Hastings said he believes that visitors from outer space are fixating on nuclear weapons because they want to send a message: Disarm before the world destroys itself."

Where do you think this sudden interest in aliens and UFO's is coming from? Why do you think there is a serious spate of visible UFO's seen by authoritative people? Why do you think the UFO/alien issue is no longer relegated to the realm of the crackpot?

It is my theory that satan will attempt to use the UFO issue to explain where all the people went in the rapture. Alternately, he may try to prepare a fallen world for belief in the antichrist when he comes with "all power and lying signs and wonders." (2 Thess 2:9) In any case, it's plausible to assume that satan and his masquerading servants of righteousness (2 Cor 11:14-15) will present themselves after the rapture as higher-level beings ready and more than willing to intervene on our behalf, since we messed things up so badly thus far. What I do know is, the UFO phenomenon has been gaining mainstream attention since 2007 as the sightings have become more prevalent, more bold, and harder to ignore.

What will definitely be hard to ignore is the disappearance of millions of Christians. This event is known as the rapture and it is specifically described in the bible in 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 -

"For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we shall always be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these words."

I am comforted, being a believer. This means I believe I am a sinner. I believe my sin keeps me from being able to enter heaven, where a Holy God resides. I believe the remedy for my sins is Jesus, who lived a sinless life and died on the cross as a substitute for me in taking the penalty for my sins. I believe He rose again on the third day and lives now as Savior and King, and I submit to His will for my life. I am a believer, and I and all believers who believe these things will be caught up when Jesus sounds His Trumpet. You can be with us, to go to the place Jesus has been preparing or His own to receive us in glory.

If you believe those things too, then pray them to Jesus out loud: because the bible says "If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved." (Romans 10:9)

If you do not then you will remain behind when we all go. And you will face the worst time that ever was, Jesus said, and this means even worse than the Flood. You will risk losing your soul forever to hellish outer darkness where you will weep and gnash your teeth in remembrance of the time you had to seek Him but squandered it. The time grows short


  1. peter said that people would mock in the last days saying where is the promise of his coming.all things continue.... could the people mock that all things are the way they have always been if there is full disclosure? love the blog dc

  2. good question, dc. Thanks for the compliment. Soon things will be very different, after the rapture. Till then, certainly the knowledge that 'we are not alone' will shake things up. Of course, the other beings are fallen angels, but hey, technically they ARE ET's...


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