Signs in the sky: triple hole punch clouds in SC

Spaceweather "TRIPLE PUNCH HOLE CLOUDS: "I've lived by the sea for many years, but never seen anything like this," reports Wesley Tyler of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. "On Friday, Jan. 7th, there were three punch hole clouds in the same place." He grabbed his camera and recorded the phenomenon:
In Oct. 2009, a really REALLY weird cloud appeared over Moscow, and the scientific response was that it was a hole punch cloud. At that time, I posted NASA's explanation of what hole punch clouds are and how they form, leaving it up to the reader as to whether the Moscow cloud was indeed a hole punch or not. I'll post the NASA explanation of hole punch clouds again, and again leave it up to you as to discerning the odds of the rare hole punch cloud appearing at all, never mind in triplicate...

NASA: "What could create a huge hole in the clouds? Such a hole, likely hundreds of meters across, was photographed last month from a driveway near Mobile, Alabama, USA. Very unusual to see, hole-punch clouds like this are still the topic of meteorological speculation. A leading hypothesis holds that the hole-punch cloud is caused by falling ice-crystals. The ice-crystals could originate in a higher cloud or be facilitated by a passing airplane exhaust. If the air has just the right temperature and moisture content, the falling crystals will absorb water from the air and grow. For this to happen, the water must be so cold that all it needs is a surface to freeze on. The moisture lost from the air increases the evaporation rate from the cloud water droplets so they dissipate to form the hole. The now heavier ice crystals continue to fall and form the more tenuous wispy cloud-like virga seen inside and just below the hole. Water and ice from the virga evaporates before they reach the ground."

One of the end time signs are: "There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea." (Luke 21:25)


  1. Last Night I took pics of the clouds, they wee exactly like this...except without the hole punches. I live in a suburb of Denver....lots of Phenomina going on around Tebow, not to mention the 'Halo' that was captured over Mile High Stadium during the game yesterday.

  2. Thought you would have put links to those strange noises being heard from the sky around the world?

  3. Hello eyewrenchee,

    I have been tracking the sky rumblings and other noises for a while now. Some have turned out to have a logical explanation, a certain percentage I gotta figure are hoaxes. That leaves the really eerie ones, like the Ontario forestry workers video among others. I haven't put anything up about them because frankly the whole thing leaves me speechless. Once I wrote about them and said that I think they are activity & sounds from the demonic principalities from the other side leaking into our dimension as the LORD lifts His restraining had upon the world in preparation for the moment His the Restrainer is completely removed. Other than that, there is not much to say... except, Lord, come quickly!

  4. I would look into Geo-Engineering. This is why these are becoming less rare. They have been altering our weather for over ten years. look up and watch them spray our sky all day...


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