Costa Rica volcanic eruption and strange hum

I've noted for a while now some certain strange noises happening. Some call it "sky rumbles" while others simply call it "the hum". From Canada to Britain, these sky hums have been happening more frequently. They also have been happening over a wider area when they do occur. Last week one happened in Costa Rica that the entire nation heard. When I saw the news come across the alternative news sites, I was startled by how penetrating the hum seemed to have been, and how utterly startled the whole country was. After a day or so, the regular, mainstream news sites and newspapers started carrying news of the strange boom.

Strange sonic rumble perplexes Costa Rica
"Early Monday morning, [January 9] an unknown hum reverberated across Costa Rica, leaving citizens and experts throughly confused. According to OVSICORI, the Costa Rica Volcanologist and Seismologist Organization, there was no tectonic activity at the time. Volcanologists discounted a volcanic eruption; nor was it a supersonic aircraft, because the powerful radar at Juan Santamaría International Airport outside of San José picked up no planes at the time, not even subsonic ones. Also, there were no climatological phenomena or strange weather conditions. By nightfall Monday, the speculation was still going along briskly with the major vote going to fireworks at the festival at Zapote, in San José."

Oh, those pesky fireworks, being blamed for the January 2011 AND the January 2012 bird deaths, and also the source of the strange halo over Mile High Stadium as the Broncos played last weekend.

One Costa Rican website report, its staff presumably familiar with the geography of the area, posed the inevitable question-

"[On] January 9, 2012, Costa Ricans awoke to a strange loud sound that emanated from the sky.
The frightened residents called the authorities to report the strange-sounding hum. The explanation they received, left many of them suspicious. No way was the thunderous sound anywhere near what fireworks sound like. The authorities though, remained steadfast in pushing their fireworks explanation to the nervous callers. According to a local newspaper, it was described as a “a strange audible booming or humming sound.” “Local news channels are leaning in the direction of fireworks but many remain skeptical,” according to the article. The article goes on to read:"
Now, it’s important to note that the reports of the strange sound in the Costa Rica skies Monday…came from as far as Perez Zeledon – what is the likelihood of anyone in Perez Zeledon, some 170kms from Zapote over the tallest mountain range in the country, hearing fireworks from Zapote? Not likely."
The Costa Rican weekly Newspaper Tico Times reported on it three days later as a follow-up:

Mysterious explosions still unexplained
"Authorities say the boom was not a volcanic eruption or a supersonic aircraft"
"Monday morning started off with a bang for residents of the Central Valley when a loud, as yet unidentified, series of booms rattled windows about 30 minutes after midnight. Many did not hear it, but enough people did to cause a firestorm of comment on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The strange sound was prolonged – many described it as lasting for five minutes or so. Perhaps the only one making no comments were scientists and government authorities, who were reticent about commenting or speculating. A few things it wasn’t: Volcanologists discounted a volcanic eruption; nor was it a supersonic aircraft, because the powerful radar at Juan Santamaría International Airport outside of San José picked up no planes at the time, not even subsonic ones."

So four days after the inexplicable sky noise heard over hundreds of miles of Costa Rican area, where all the populace was perplexed but assured that no tectonic of volcanic activity was present, a volcano erupted.

To be sure, Costa Rica's volcano Turrialba is an active volcano. The Smithsonian Global Volcanism program states that "Fumarolic activity continues at the central and SW summit craters." Local news reports that "yesterday, January 12, 2012 from noon, the Turrialba volcano began a profuse emission of fly ash, gases and aerosols from an area between the central and southwestern crater, where it opened a new gap of several meters diameter around 3 pm."

I don't know how frequent or infrequent it is to have a new gap open up on an active volcano, or to have a new area of volcanic activity emerge when the previous activity had always been centered elsewhere. But I am interested in all anomalies because Jesus said they would happen and to look up when we begin to see them.

As for the hum...I'm frankly fascinated by them. They are a phenomenon, as this BBC article discusses: "According to sufferers, it is as if someone has parked next to your house and left the engine running. 'The Hum' is a mystery low frequency noise, a phenomenon that has been reported across Britain, North America and Australia in the past four decades."

Some of the 'hums' have been discovered to be produced by an industrial cause, one, a diesel engine and another, industrial fans. The others, no one ever found what the hum was caused by.

I like to think about 'the other side'. Jesus appeared in the midst of them in the Upper Room. (Lk 24:36-43). How did He materialize? Do you ever wonder about that? I do. Or when the crowd was incited to a riot intending to push Him over the cliff, He simply walked out from among them. (Luke 4:29-30). Where did He go? How were His molecules operating to allow Him to appear and disappear, through thin air?

I think of the veil, the veneer between us and the powers, principalities and dominions (Eph 1:21, Col 1:16; Eph 6:12) and I wonder, how thin is it? Elisha prayed to God for Him to give Elisha's servant a glimpse of it, and the servant's eyes were opened and he saw the multitudes of angels right there hovering and ready to do battle. (2 Kings 6:17). It reminds me of the problem in quantum physics: The Measurement Problem. This problem is described thus: an atom only appears in a particular place if you measure it. An atom is spread out all over the place until a conscious observer decides to look at it. It is the act of measurement, observing, that creates the entire universe." (Physicist Jim Al-Khalili, BBC's Atom). So when the atom isn't being observed, where does it go? Is it still there but invisible, like the army Elisha's servant couldn't see?

Are the two sides so close together that an occasional co-mingling occurs? Sounds leak from one to the other? I don't know of course, but I wonder about these things.

Traveling in Scotland was amazing. I loved it. I've always been spiritually sensitive, and I noticed that in Scotland, land of standing stones, Celtic Druids, foggy moors and crumbling castles, that the veil felt particularly thin. It wasn't the Godly I was feeling nearby, but the eerie or demonic, particularly in standing stone circles. It is a place where legends of giants still persist. Other places where I felt that was the Salton Sea in California, and Gray Maine. Did you ever feel that, a place that gave you the willies for no reason? Or a place that was so pure you felt you could drink it in forever?

What I'm trying to say is that when a populace hears a strange hum,  it is interesting to think that it might be a sound from the other side.

When I read that the volcano began its newest eruption I thought of the strange hum in that same nation. I thought of the veil, and all the activity that is going on behind it. The principalities, powers, and dominions are fighting furiously for control of the earth. The demonic powers know the bible's outcome but their evil is that they refuse to believe it. So they fight. God sends angels to do His bidding, and ultimately, we know that God is sovereign and will prevail. The conclusion is foregone. But the activity behind our realm of hearing and seeing is furious and ongoing. What is that hum? I do not know. But it was heard by many, and as God lifts His protective hand from the world perhaps the earth's people will be hearing more.


  1. Louis L'Amour wrote a book, The Haunted Mesa, which explores the possibility of at least two dimensions. In this particular book, the other place was filled with evil. In several of his books, which I read many years ago, he writes about the 'gods' that were worshipped by the ancients, The Lonesome Gods being one in particular, but several of his books mention them some place in the story.

    I bring this up simply because each of these are set in desert places, lonesome places, wild places, Southwestern US empty areas. Places I have been and also felt the strangeness, almost like something is watching. L'Amour was not a Christian, but he was aware of this, especially as he grew older.

    I've often wondered if this is where many of the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni and other Southwestern Native peoples get their legends and religious beliefs - from the same source (which, of course, is evil).

    I love the desert, don't get me wrong. I think it is beautiful. But it is also a very dangerous and haunting place.

    Luke 8:29 For Jesus had commanded the evil spirit to come out of the man. Many times it had seized him, and though he was chained hand and foot and kept under guard, he had broken his chains and had been driven by the demon into solitary places.

    Luke 11:24a “When an evil spirit comes out of a man, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it.

    Leviticus 16:6 “Aaron is to offer the bull for his own sin offering to make atonement for himself and his household. 7 Then he is to take the two goats and present them before the LORD at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting. 8 He is to cast lots for the two goats—one lot for the LORD and the other for the scapegoat. 9 Aaron shall bring the goat whose lot falls to the LORD and sacrifice it for a sin offering. 10 But the goat chosen by lot as the scapegoat shall be presented alive before the LORD to be used for making atonement by sending it into the desert as a scapegoat.

  2. Thank you so much fo writing about this. I've spent all evening reading articles and watching videos about this. Very interesting and I think you are right, we sometimes get a glimpse of what is going on behind the scenes. Well, a blessed few of us get a glimpse that is....

  3. Very interesting post. I also, am very sensitive to creepy places. I have felt that feeling before in a town called Oatman, as well as a town in our local mountains. In Oatman, my family and I were newly saved, walking through the town that we used to love to visit, since it is a historical "ghost town." But after we got saved, it was like there was something watching us angrily the whole time we were there. We all felt it, but thought we were imagining it. Until we got in the car and someone said something and we all realized it was a demonic place. We never noticed it before, because we weren't saved before! And now that we were saved--we were not welcome!

    I sometimes like to think about how faithful God is to us, even when we are so naive to the activity going on around us. Even as new believers who don't understand spiritual warfare, the Lord had us protected. We probably had angels with us, and we didn't even know.

    It makes me feel so special, when I think about how much He loves us. I feel safe.

    I think the places that have a thin veil are places where there have been a lot of pagan ritualism. Some places where there has been human sacrifice, like the "Great Altar of Zeus" that was in Pergamum and is now in Berlin, Stonehenge, and even places in the Southwest where the New Agers go to summon demons and frequently see UFO activity. I think if people invite the demonic, the demons will come.

    Two weeks ago we went to San Diego with the family. We visited Coronado Island. I got creeped out the minute we crossed the bridge. I noticed a lot of Freemason signs but didn't think too much of it. While we were visiting the Coronado Hotel, I noticed a spiritual heaviness. I didn't say anything, because I don't want to try to influence others that way. But my mom finally asked me, "Do you feel that?" I was so happy that she felt it too. She said she felt it very strongly on the beach in front of the hotel. And in the corridor where the Marilyn Monroe memorabilia is. I did too. In fact I didn't even want to get near the beach and I ended up turning back with the kids.

    I came home and I got online and guess what, I found out that the Hotel Coronado is on the top ten list for haunted hotels in America. There have been mysterious murders there, and "ghost"/demon sightings regularly. Even "paranormal experts" frequent the place. The beach is where the most sightings occur (this is where they found a dead body that was a suicide).

    There are also a lot of other mysterious murders on the island too, which makes me wonder if there is not a lot of occult activity. It is a "nice" looking place on the outside. But what kind of police force would label a woman hanging over the balcony of a million dollar house, tied by a rope around her neck, completely naked, with hand and feet tied up behind her back, a SUICIDE!? That was a recent news story. And yet that is the official police determination! That was just last year.

    Strange place.

    But anyways, I definitely think there are places where the veil is thinner. It is usually places where there is or was a lot of occult activity.

  4. Wow! How's this for minds thinking on the same wavelength. The booms, the unexplained booms, I've thought, what if it's battles in the realm not opened to our eyes, between God's Angels and satan's demons? And it seems you may think that's a possibility too.

    As for the hum, it could be spiritual too. Another possibility, is mechanical, something made by man, perhaps something with a sinister purpose?

    I guess, only time will tell. May our redemption from this corrupt, sin filled world, come quickly! I am super anxious to be with The Lord and Savior!


  5. Anonymous of Louis L'Amour, yes I agree, in the American desert SW there are some strange places. Marfa TX is one, Taos has its own hum named after it, the Salton Sea area at southern central CA, and Bisbee AZ are all places known for "strange energies" as the pagans say. At the Salton sea where we were camping, my husband and I were extremely uncomfortable, tossing and turning all night, and by 3 am he said "you awake?" Yup. "This place is creepy, want to leave?" Yup. So we folded camp and booked out of there right then. We had camped across the country from Maine to So. CA and never felt like that any other place.

  6. Anonymous of 1:54AM, I agree that where sometimes demonic or evil can be felt are places where a lot of pagan ritualism has taken place. 2 Cor 4:4 says that satan is the god of this world. We know from several verses that moreover, satan and his hordes have particular strongholds, such as Tyre, and Persia. (Ez 28:12, Dan 10:13). It stands to reason satan sets up strongholds in places where he is, at least initially, more welcome, and digs in from there.

  7. Two more places that are really creepy - you can feel the spiritual heaviness: Crested Butte, Colorado and Crestone, Colorado.

    My family and I drove through Crested Butte one lovely afternoon and as we drove up and down several of the streets, I could feel the evil and the "you are not wanted here!" messages. I seriously wanted to leave and never go back. A few years later we drove through there again and the feeling was gone. I assume that whatever evil presence was there the first time was associated with someone(s), not necessarily the town itself, and he/she/they had left.

    Crestone is the home of Shambala of the Rockies and is associated with Shirley McClaine and other New Agers. We lived in the valley on the opposite side of the Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ) Mountains when McClaine was searching for property to build her New Age center. The developer who drove her around said she would have him stop, she'd get out, pick up some dirt, smell it and "sense" the surrounding area. Nothing in the valley suited her purpose. She found it almost exactly on the opposite side of the mountains. I believe God protected the valley and the residences from that New Age evil, although there is a big influence there any way. The valley is home to a small conservative Christian seminary and several Christian camps of different denominations. Just up and over the mountains a few miles "as the crow flies", Crestone is home to New Age, buddhist and other false religions.

    The San Louis Valley, at the western base of the Sangre de Christo mountains and just below the town of Crestone, has had hundreds of UFO sightings and there have been numerous cattle mutilations and sightings of 'black helicopters' over the past 40 years. The town of Taos, home of the Taos Hum, is just south of the main valley. Interestingly enough, just this week a new study was published saying that this area is part of the Rio Grande Rift and that more earthquakes will probably happen in the not so distant future. Trinidad, east of the San Louis Valley over LaVeta Pass, is not far from the epicenter of the most recent quakes in Colorado and Northern New Mexico. Trinidad is home of the first sex reassignment surgeries and as a city is proud of it.

    There are "power points" of the New Age religion scattered all over the Four Corners area. Mount Blanca in Colorado, Shiprock in New Mexico are two, as well as The Ghost Ranch in northern New Mexico. Some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

    There is much spiritual history in the American West that most people are not aware of. Again, I think this is where many, if not all, of the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, etc. legends come from. These people need much prayer and the missionaries who work in these areas also need much prayer.

  8. I have something to share with you. A pastor from our church went to Mexico some 30 years ago and started a church there, which has multiplied into many churches and now a school. On Monday past, I received an email with a really cool story that goes along with what you posted here. I will copy and paste.


    We are entering our second day of class. The Lord has blessed us with 13 students and what a group to say the least. Roxana just wrote (who is one of our teachers) and I thought I would pass it on to you. Will write more in detail when I can enjoy a breather.

    Today is the first day of "classes" which means students are still arriving, and we are interviewing and going over their registration forms, etc. It's a wonderful time for us! I commented to Howard how emotional it is for Eric and me, for we are seeing older people, pastors, village workers, coming, bringing their wives, with desperate, needy hearts, seeking a closer walk with the Lord, and to be equipped and used by Him to the best of their capacity (what He has given to them to use! ) The age limit this yr. is 20, but the majority are in their 30's, 40's and 50's!!! Now we are still the "old folks" and these are those who will be taking their places in regions we could never least now. One fellow was talking about some workers heading over into a village where the Gospel had never been preached. Unbeknown to them, there was a band of murderers instructed to kill them! The "missionaries" (Mexican) waded rivers holding their Bibles over their heads to reach this group of people. As they entered the village, there was no opposition and they began to visit and teach and preach from the Word of God. They heard later about the band of murderers ordered to kill them. The group(of murderers) told this story: "We were scared stiff. there was a huge military surrounding these people and we could not approach them. They crossed the river, all of them, and the military came along beside and behind them." The missionaries bringing the gospel looked on in wonder. There was NO ONE they could see with them! But they knew who was! My faith this morning was deeply strengthened upon hearing this testimony. This brother can teach me much!
    He also said that many instances were like this - the burning down of the little meeting places, the rebuilding and rebuilding and rebuilding in just one many things happening that we have no knowledge of! We belong to a great God and we are part of His glorious Kingdom that will one day be complete....and Jesus will reign! It's good working for this King!
    Thank you for your fervent prayers on all of us as we move into this amazing term of teaching/training servants of the most High God....for His Name sake!

    Isn't that just cool?!

    Praises in His name, Jesus Christ, always!

  9. Wonderful!! The other side is busy, present and palpable. As in your story, sometimes more than palpable, it is seen! Also, I praise God there are missionaries willing to literally wade in where the darkness needs light.

  10. I looked at some of the video's that are available and the sounds that I heard ranged from what sounds like pounding or hammering and what sounds like grinding or scraping that noise sounded a lot like a large steel object being dragged around. Could it be that the abyss is opening? Could it be that the dark spiritual realm is moving closer to the physical realm? We know from scripture that the enemy is going to be given greater power or dominion. And the restrainer is going to be removed. Is what we are hearing? All the paranormal sights and UFO sights are lit up with possible explanation's. One way to deceive a group of people is to be what they expect and for quite some time Hollywood has been preparing the population for extraterrestrial visitation. We will see how it actually goes as time moves on it is growing shorter.


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