Word of the Week: Omniscience

Man claims he was attacked by a bunch of leprechauns

Doesn't it feel as if the whole world has simply gone insane? Well, it has. God is giving us over to our sins. To some, He is giving over to a reprobate (depraved) mind in homosexuality and lesbianism. Others, He is giving over to their rebellion against Him in apostasy and atheism. (2 Thess 2:3). Still others, He is giving over to their addictions, porn, drugs, alcohol. He is giving us over- individually and nationally. You can read more about that process here, and how it is called the Wrath of Divine Abandonment (Romans 1:18-32).

Oh, and zombies are so yesterday.

Move over zombies: Man left bloodied and screaming in pain after attack by 'bunch of leprechauns'
(File picture) A Seattle man claims he was attacked by a bunch of Leprechauns after they caught him dancing with the wrong girl
"Just as the Zombie threat appears to finally be lifting it seems America could be at the mercy of an even deadlier menace. A mob of Leprechauns are carrying out vicious attacks in and around the city of Seattle, according to a man who claims to be one of their latest victims. The pint-sized brutes were allegedly hopping mad after catching the man dancing with the wrong girl at a Belltown bar. Officers arrived at the scene of a bar fight to find the man covered in blood and screaming in pain with his head held in his hands. When officers asked who had attacked him, the man replied: 'It was a bunch of leprechauns.' According to the victim the one of his assailants was wearing a white tank top. There were no additional reports of merry jigs turning ugly or stolen pots of gold. The man was taken to Harborview Medical Center with multiple head injuries and cuts and bruises on his face, back, knuckles and elbows."

Gawker wrote, "Following the recent proliferation of zombie-related news stories, it appears America has now moved on to attacks by other fantastical characters. ... Typically, leprechauns are not seen outside of the weeks before and after St. Patrick's Day, March 17. The fact that these leprechauns were spotted in June, and so far from their native Ireland, suggests that perhaps they are rabid or otherwise deranged. The victim claims the leprechauns in question were angry at him for dancing with a woman (possibly a banshee?) at the bar. One of them one was reportedly wearing "a white tank top." A witness on the scene told cops that a group of men was responsible for the attack, which is exactly what the bleeding man said, so thank you, redundant witness.The man was taken to a local hospital and treated for injuries. The leprechauns have yet to be apprehended. Be vigilant all ye travelers."

Well, let's take this logically. Yes. it can be done. In recent times-say the last ten years- we have had a cultural saturation of all kinds of occult and supernatural beings. I mean, of course they were present in the culture prior to this, in books and movies etc. Bram Stoker's famous book, Dracula, was published in 1897. But I'm talking a saturation, with total fascination, cultural demand and clamor for more. We had the Harry Potter phenomenon first. The series of books, movies and Harry Potter brand is now worth 15 BILLION dollars. And Harry is such a NICE warlock, isn't he?

Then along came vampires. Edward and Bella and the Twilight series. Edward is such a nice vampire, isn't he? And of course the werewolf. As of October 2010, the series has sold over 116 million copies worldwide with translations into at least 38 different languages around the globe. The four Twilight books have consecutively set records as the biggest selling novels of 2008 on the USA Today Best-Selling Books list and have spent over 235 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list for Children's Series Books. Children's books!

Twilight spawned an entire book and movie genre: Teen Paranormal Romance.

"Charmed" was a popular TV show ten years ago about the three Halliwell sisters, the world's most powerful good witches ("The Charmed Ones"), who must collectively use their innate magical powers to defend the "innocents" of San Francisco from various demons, warlocks and other evil beings, and usher in the next generation of good witches."

Now we have the reignited interest in Zombies. Wiki says "A zombie is an animated corpse brought back to life by mystical means, such as witchcraft. Zombie fiction is now a sizeable sub-genre of horror, usually describing a breakdown of civilization occurring when most of the population become flesh-eating zombies — a zombie apocalypse."

The real-life zombie apocalypse event with the cannibalism incident in Miami and the others that followed in the US and Canada certainly gives impetus to the notion that civilization is breaking down only to reveal a pack of zombies waiting to feast on you.

Now leprechauns. What else is in the pantheon? We've had witches and warlocks, zombies, vampires and werewolves. Maybe next to emerge will be imps, goblins, gremlins, elves?

Mary sightings! Mary sightings go on unabated, as always. She is popping up everywhere. Not the Mary of the Magnficat, the beloved and obedient - human- Mary mother of Jesus as shown to us in Luke. I'm talking the Catholic version of Mary, who to them is the Queen of Heaven and answerer of prayers, sinless and ascended just like Jesus. THAT Mary is being sighted all over. She has been apparently spotted so often that the Vatican just published new rules for Mary sightings. I am not making that up.


  1. The bible warns us over and over not to seek hidden knowledge - even as believers. To all humans, God warns and gives strict instructions not to even dabble in the occult. The spiritual veil is getting thinner and thinner and I will not be so bold to say here what I expect others to begin seeing everywhere next. Stay in the Word and in constant prayer. If Holy Spirit says "duck" - do it. We need to be that in tune with the leading of the Spirit in these days. Blessings, Tracy


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