More on haboobs, YES they are unusually frequent this year

For the last week I've written about the Arizona dust storms also known as haboobs. I wrote first to search out if they were usual or unusual and second, to determine of the storms we have been getting and increasing in number or are exhibiting unusual characteristics. The answer was yes to usual but also yes to now exhibiting unusual characteristics and also they are increasing in number. Then I wrote an update, here.

I was not the only one who has noticed the dust storms getting more frequent and more severe. This article appeared today in Israel's daily, Arutz Sheva.

Largest Dust Storms in a Century Roll Back into Dust Bowl
Massive dust storms – the largest in a century -- are rolling back into America's Dust Bowl, bringing destructive "haboobs." According to meteorologists, the huge dust storms are becoming more frequent, forming during the monsoon season from June until the end of September. This summer's dust storms are the worst to have hit since the massive “Dust Bowl” disaster that struck the Midwest in the 1930s. This past Monday, the state of Arizona was struck again – as it had been one year ago -- with the city of Phoenix shrouded in a dust cloud 2,000 feet high and nearly 60 miles wide. Nine thousand homes were left in the dark as electricity poles and tree limbs were snapped, and Sky Harbor Airport was shut down temporarily. Since June, five such dust storms have rolled into the state's valley area. [Ed. note- one occurred in May of this year, making the total 6]. Phoenix was hit by three dust storms in a row in the past seven days – a very rare phenomenon, meteorologists said, and one that could be fatal for area residents..." [Emphasis mine.]

So if you were wondering, it's God is calling, will you pick up the phone?