Happy Birthday Kay Arthur!

The bible tells us to honor our teachers and pastors. (1 Thessalonians 5:12-13, 1 Timothy 5:17-20). And we do, but often we focus on the men. I think that is because if there is a woman teacher, she would naturally not be in the forefront.

In this day and age of the celebrity pastor, we see borne out over and over again that with growing recognition comes the temptation to narcissism. Paul was the greatest pastor and missionary who ever lived, who did more to lay the foundation of the church than any other, but whom Jesus gave a thorn in his side so he wouldn't let all of it go to his head.

"So to keep me from becoming conceited because of the surpassing greatness of the revelations, a thorn was given me in the flesh, a messenger of Satan to harass me, to keep me from becoming conceited." (2 Corinthians 12:7)

Would that many of today's famous pastors not only have, but seek a thorn, to rein in their mounting conceit borne from celebrity and the prideful trappings of fame. Why? Because...

...as Erin Benziger of the Christian blog Do Not Be Surprised posted, too many celebrity pastors are starting to believe their own press. Here, Pastor Driscoll posts that people should come to church to hear him speak.

I have already written this month about the secret Christian feminist female teachers who boldly declare they are taking on the "classic leadership role." Celebrity goes to women's heads, too. Beth Moore proudly calls herself obnoxious.

But there are many, many quiet pastors and teachers who plug along in their lives, ministering, or being on mission, or teaching for years, decades, even, and they do not attain celebrity status and amazingly, it doesn't bother them.

In the midst of all the hubbub, rock and roll events that celebrity teachers and pastors call "church" there are some who humbly plod along, teaching and preaching Jesus for His glory. One of these is Kay Arthur.

Kim at The Mystery of the Ages posted on Facebook yesterday that Ms. Kay turns 79 years old today! Happy birthday Ms. Kay!

I'll paste some of her bio from Wikipedia, I think you will be surprised and impressed with the body of work she has done, quietly and consistently, for the Lord for many years.

"Kay Arthur is an international Bible teacher, four-time ECPA Christian Book Award winning author, and co-CEO of Precept Ministries International. Kay has systematized studying the Bible, developing a set of steps to follow so as to "mine" the details of the given book under study. Being systematized, it is accessible to lay persons, rather than scholars only."

"Kay and her second husband, Jack, were serving as missionaries in Mexico in the late 1960s when medical problems forced them to leave the mission field. They returned to their home base in Chattanooga, Tennessee, confident that the Lord had further plans for them. Jack became the station manager of a local Christian radio station, and Kay taught the Bible to teens in their living room.

"The number of teens attending Kay’s bible study group steadily grew, and God subsequently provided a 32-acre farm to accommodate the expanding ministry, which was named Reach Out Ranch. The radio station was sold in 1972, and Jack became full-time administrator for Reach Out Ranch. The ministry’s name was eventually changed to Precept Ministries International (PMI), in order to more clearly communicate the organization’s focus of establishing people in God’s Word."

"Since co-founding Precept Ministries International, Kay has written more than 100 books and Bible studies, with over 11 million in print. Her inductive Bible studies are available in nearly 150 countries in approximately 70 languages. Precept Inductive Bible Study groups meet in all 50 states of the USA."
Her television show, "'Precepts for Life" has an audience reach of over 75 million households and broadcasts to over 30 countries. Precepts for Life was voted Best Television Teaching Program for 2004 and 2009 by the National Religious Broadcasters. Kay was awarded the NRB Hall of Fame Award at the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Convention and Exposition in 2011. Kay Arthur, Lois Crawford, and Aimee Semple McPherson are the only female recipients of this prestigious award, ... all Christian communicators who have exhibited the highest standard of faithfulness in Christian service."

Personally, I believe her service to the Lord in systematizing bible study and offering it to women has been a great benefit to the Body of Christ. A deep, theological, systematized study is something every Christian needs, but especially women, who tend to shy away from deeper doctrinal and expository study. And certainly today with the mess that women "teachers" like Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, and Christine Caine are offering with their subjective, mystical, Gnostic approach, much harm is being done to women who seek to learn more about Jesus from His word. The body of Ms. Kay's work stands for itself, and I praise Jesus for it.

I would say that when they left the mission field, God DID have other plans for Ms. Kay and her husband! Wow. What God does with a willing heart and a humble attitude is amazing. For over 50 years, God has used Kay Arthur and her husband for His glory. Please pray to thank the Lord for a gifted teacher like Kay and thank the Holy Spirit for His ministry through her. I thank You, Lord, for raising up a dedicated and humble woman for us to learn from, and I wish Ms. Kay many years of joy in the Lord.


  1. But did you see in the Wikipedia article that she partnered with Moore and Shirer?

    In 2007 and 2008, Kay Arthur, along with Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer, founded Deeper Still: The Event, a LifeWay weekend conference featuring the three women.[5]


    1. Yes, I saw that. I always look at who the person hangs around with, but more so, I look at their own words and their body of work. Kay's books, lessons, and life shows a solid body of work. Yes, in 55 years, no one will be perfect. Even Peter messed up when siding with the Jews against the Gentiles, and had to be reproved by Paul. Even Mark fled the ministry and abandoned Paul and the argument about it split up Barnabas and Paul. We don't indict a person for a few mistakes but instead watch the trajectory of growth and whether their doctrines are solid.

      Biblically, the elder women are supposed to teacher the younger. (Titus 2:4). If anyone needs a good role model, it is Moore and Shirer. And indeed, Arthur proved that at one of their conferences, when Arthur gently chastised both women. I wrote about that here


    2. Dear Elizabeth, I thoroughly have benefited from your blog and discernment research and I have researched upon many promptings of the Holy Spirit. Regarding Kay Arthur, I learned about the hidden occult signs on her Bible study books. Do you know about that? Also, I went to a seminar on her study method and was disappointed to see that the teacher who was a lady was teaching men and women together and it it justified because it is a "method", not scripture itself. The occult part is of great concern though. Would you please take a look at it? Thank you and God bless you.http://themurkynews.blogspot.com/2008/03/chapter-two-kay-arthur-al-denson-robert.html

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    I am a little confused. I thought women were not supposed to teach the word of God? "But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence." KJV Timothy 2:12

    Thanks for the help,

    1. Hi Marrell,

      Most people interpret that as women not teaching men. Kay Arthur's Precepts classes are for women.

      The problem with Moore and Shirer is that they teach men. Moore's church even listed her as a teacher in a gender mixed class, ["Beth Moore has been a Sunday School teacher at Houston's First Baptist Church since 1984. She began teaching an aerobics class/bible study combo to a small group of fortunate women. Now her class, minus aerobic activity, includes men and women, at all walks and stages of their lives."] and Christine Caine is ordained as a preacher, and serves as a pulpit-filler for the regular pastor at different places, [http://christianresearchnetwork.org/2012/10/03/christine-caine-to-preach-weekend-services-at-saddleback-church/] a role that the bible does NOT offer to women.

      God, through the apostle Paul, restricts women from serving in roles of teaching and/or having spiritual authority over men. This precludes women from serving as pastors over men, which definitely includes preaching to, teaching, and having spiritual authority. But it is why you find women in teaching roles over children, teens, or other women.

      There are many examples in the New Testament of women teaching. Aside from Titus 2 where it says for the elder women to teach the younger, Paul commended Priscilla and Aquila, her husband (a team like Kay and her husband Jack) where it is seen in Acts 18:26 they had a home ministry where *both* the husband and wife taught Apollos.

      So women can teach, but not be in a position of spiritual authority over men. This is the same model of the marriage God laid down for Adam and Eve and Paul carries through in Eph 5:25-27.

    2. I understand :) Thank you Elizabeth for your thorough explaination. I am certainly glad I asked.


  3. You are wrong.Your catholic/orthodox idolatry of intercession/veneration of saints does amount to idolatry according to scriptures Exodus20:3-5,Revelations9:20,Romans1:16-32,Revelations21:8,1Corinthians10:14,Acts15:20 etc.
    According to Revelations 21:8 all those who do idolatry will burn in eternal lake of fire and sulfur.
    Pre-Tribulation rapture is the truth.Why?-Because Jesus said the day of the Lord will come like a thief in night-1Thessalonian5:2.
    In 1Thessalonians4:14-18 and in 2Thessalonians2:7 pre tribulation rapture is clearly detailed.Of the 8 annual Jewish feasts that God ordained in Leviticus 23,first Passover signifies Crucifixion of Lord Jesus as the lamb of God for the sins of all mankind.
    2-Week of unleavened bread signifies why Jesus died for our sins and ressurected 3 days after-to cleanse all our sins/leaven.
    3-Day of First Fruits and 4-Harvest festival/Pentecost-signifies the apperance of ressurected Jesus to his disciples early in the first day of the weak,which signifies the coming great Harvest aka Birth of God's Church on the day of Pentecost after 7 weeks-50th day on the upper room as recorded in the book of Acts.
    5-Trumpet festival-signifies coming of Lord Jesus Christ with the trump of archangel in mid-heavens to take all true christians to heaven and leave the hypocrites/namesake christians on earth(as at the time of rapture all people on earth will be christians atleast for namesake) for great tribulation of 7 years.
    6-Atonement festival-signifies coming of Lord Jesus with 10,000 of saints and defeating satanic forces and setting up millenial kingdom ,which happens at the end of the 7 year tribulation period.
    7-Week of Tabernacles/Shelters-signifies peace and prosperity of the millenial reign of Lord Jesus Christ.
    8-Signifies final judgement of all people who aren't included in the rapture according to their works,and New heavens,New Earth and New Jerusalem for all eternity after that.

    You can clearly see that festival of Trumpets come before the Atonement festival as rapture(trumpet) comes before the coming of Lord Jesus with power and glory to establish his millenial kingdom(atonement).
    Also in the book of Revelations,first 3 chapters deals with the church,after that in 4th chapter we see 24 elders with crowns.Crowns /rewards are not given untill ressurection of the dead-rapture occurs-Luke14:14.Thus we see that rapture will occur before the 7 year tribulation period .7 year tribulation period is described in Revelations4-20:4.
    The people who are included in the rapture a great multitude from every nation ,language and family on earth is described in Revelations7:9-17.

    So may God bless you to see the truth and reality and come out of your false teachings and idolatry(of intercession/veneration of saints).
    For more info,kindly visit my site worldharvest.blogspot.com and /or read the scriptures-Bible with an open mind.
    God bless you.

  4. Hi,
    I want to add this,in 1Thimothy2:11-12 ,says wife should not teach or have authority over her husband in the original texts.Women are allowed to be deacons in 1:Thimothy3:11,where it's mistransalated as wives in some transalations/editions,when in original transalations it's women.
    Thus we can see scriptures-Bible allows women to hold all positions in the church except the position of senior pastors/elders.Women are allowed to teach,evangelize and plant new churches,music ministry,prophecy,apostolic ministry etc.
    The only ministry that women are not allowed in the God's Church is the ministry of elders/senior pastors/bishops.According to scriptures every local church should br led by a group of elders/senior pastors/bishops.There should be not authority over any local church except for the supreme authority of Lord Jesus Christ -the head of the Church.
    God bless you.

    1. Hi neo,

      Thanks for your comment, the last one and this one. I agree about Pre-trib and that the Catholic veneration of saints is idolatry.

      I would agree that women can teach in a church but not to men. To other women (Titus 3:4) or children. I agree with women in music ministry but personally I'm not so sure about whether they should pray over the congregation to begin the service.

      Some links for readers interested in these issues: and these are only from one viewpoint. There are others.

      Women worship leaders

      Can a woman be a pastor/preacher?

      Can women serve as elders in the church?

      Can women serve as deacons in church?

      Answering key questions about deacons

    2. Dear Elizabeth, I thank you for your work on this blog and didn't notice I replied in the middle of these posts previously. I, too, felt very secure under Kay Arthur's teaching until I came across the occult symbolism, hidden in the covers of her Bible study books. Also, I attended a Kay Arthur seminar in the area and was disappointed to find the teacher who was a lady, teach over men and women, both. It seems to be justified by it just being a "method" and not scripture. The occult part of it though certainly concerns me. Here is a link with explanation:http://themurkynews.blogspot.com/2008/03/chapter-two-kay-arthur-al-denson-robert.html

    3. Hi JT,

      Thanks for reading and for commenting. Kay Arthur's latest teachings are questionable, but her earlier precepts work is solid. However, we test what a teacher teaches against the bible, not by unearthing secret codes. I am not a secret codes fan. I do know satan uses symbolism to make his presence known, and God uses symbolism in His word, too. However, we can go too far in injecting our own interpretations of symbols into things,and I think the blog you shared with me went down that path and actually fell off the cliff.

  5. Why are you referring to her as "Ms. Kay"? Is that not a derogatory reference for a married woman? Patriarchal bullies use it all the time to try to discredit published women. It is unprofessional at a minimum, and I don't think it should be used here.

    1. Sigh. The level of irritation over just about everything from everyone has reached a fever pitch. Anonymous, it's a cultural thing. In the south, we don't refer to people by their first names only but Miss/Ms/Miz FIRST NAME HERE. I personally used it as a mark of respect for her longevity for the Lord and her age.

      Please, dispense with the irascibility and remember the verse from James 1:19-20

      Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, 20 because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.


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