Here we go: Ark of the Covenant is back (maybe)

"And it shall come to pass, when ye be multiplied and increased in the land, in those days, saith the LORD, they shall say no more, The ark of the covenant of the LORD: neither shall it come to mind: neither shall they remember it; neither shall they visit it; neither shall that be done any more. -Jeremiah 3:16"

And so it was. With the exception of a movie that briefly brought it back to consciousness, the Ark of the Covenant disappeared for millennia, decades, years.

Yet suddenly, in the midst of intensifying birth pangs signaling the end of days, the Ark of the Covenant has popped back into the world's consciousness. Why? Only God knows, but the timing sure is interesting. Here is what the Patriarch said: "Now the time is ripe to tell the truth. I will describe all of the entire situation regarding the Ark of the Covenant, and soon a museum for the sacred symbol will be built in Axum, Ethiopia.”

"The time is ripe."

"The patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Ethiopia says he will announce to the world Friday the unveiling of the Ark of the Covenant," as re-stated in a World Net Daily article. The original is in Italian and was published on June 15. Google translated page here. I've watched the lack of interest in this issue since then. I was perplexed, after all, wouldn't the revealing of the true Ark be the most significant happening in Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and global history? Yes. Well, with one day to go, there has finally been some interest perking up. Ultraguy wrote about it, Dr. Jim West wrote about it (less optimistically), Ultraguy wrote about it again, and that's about it. Then today WND published and article and the issue finally has reached radar level, to those with ears to hear, anyway.

If you would like to learn more about the Ark and the Mercy Seat, Chuck Missler and Bob Cornuke discuss the mystery surrounding the Ark, new evidence of its possible location and the future role it may play in the end times.

If this revealing and the artifact turns out to be truly of God, it will be an amazing advancement of the end times, and that Jesus is near to calling His church home to be with Him. This event is known as the rapture. For the Christian, it means sweet release from the bonds of physical earth and all its sin and decay, and more importantly, eternal nearness to the Spotless One who died for us. For the non-believer, this means despair, possibly death, and if surviving the rapture, then deception, tribulation, and horror.

Are you ready?? Do a heart-check, Christian, You may not really be saved. Are there evident fruits in your life? Do you have a personal, and active, relationship with Jesus? Be not one of those that Jesus rejects, saying, 'depart from me, ye who practice iniquity! I never knew you." Do you know that you know that Jesus knows you?

Non-believer, all is not lost. Be saved today. Be cognizant of your sin and ask Jesus to forgive them. If you delay this and the rapture comes, and you survive the rapture, do not delay in your own search for faith. The delusion will come quickly and as a non-believer, you will be susceptible to it. You may become lost for all eternity.

If the artifact turns out to be fake or otherwise not of God, it is still interesting that this issue re-surfaced after 2700 years at this time. The end times are still progressing toward the time of the very end. Already, today, Jerusalem is launching talks about sharing the Temple Mount, building a Third Temple without harming the Dome of the Rock, and visiting the site with these dimensions in mind. It's happening, people. We know from scriptures that in the Tribulation there does exist a Third Temple in Jerusalem for the Jews, that it co-exists with the Gentile site. Repent! The time draws near!

O, look up, for your Redemption draws nigh!


  1. im only a teenager and ive been learing about the end times at my youth group and i am really happy that people are spreading the word about something this important and speaking out about what you believe

  2. thank you for your comment! I'm happy about that too. More people are sounding the alarm and witnessing more boldly.

    You are not "only a teenager" to God, He made you co-heir to the Kingdom. And He made you my sister or brother, too. Let's you and I and the Youth Group keep spreading the glorious word that He is coming soon.

  3. I just met Arch Bonnema from who told me abt his Noah's ark expedition and his encounter with the Guardian at Axxum, Ethiopia. He told us last Sunday that the Guardian is now planning a trip to Jerusalem to deliver the Ark of the Covenant. Why hasn't every denomination headquarters advised the us of this???????

  4. Thank you for the information, and for commenting.

    Arch Bonnema, President of Joshua Financial, is involved in several biblical finds, Noah's Ark in Iran, and the Ark of the covenant in Ethiopia.

    This article is about the ark of the covenant:
    2007 -

    this one is about Noah's ark

    If indeed the Guardian of the Ark is headed to Jerusalem to deliver the Ark it would be momentous news. I do not know where he would deliver it TO, however, there being no Temple...we will see it on the news when and if it happens.

    I don't know why the denominations are not talking about this except perhaps to say that there have been so many close calls and false alarms maybe they are waiting for conformation. Also, we were supposed to have heard from the Guardian last year in a public interview but he has remained mum. It never came about. People like confirmation, even the Spirit says to test all things. Time will tell.


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