As God lifts His restraining hand, Amerika is born

I read James Michener's "Hawaii" cover to cover, several times. I was struck by the commitment of the Polynesian men who left all they knew to travel by canoe to an unknown place, just to try and make a better life for their children. I was also struck by the missionaries who arrived there hundreds of years later, intent on doing the same thing but this time, in the name of the Lord. The clash of cultures, old pagan ways versus new Christian ways, made for inevitable conflict. There is a famous saying in the book uttered by the last Hawaiian king, "It is difficult to be king when the gods are changing." This was true then and it is true today.

The gods are changing. The God of the Universe will remove His church at a time unknown to men's minds but at a season known to men's hearts, for He gave us signs and said "watch." He will withdraw and give the earth over to the ruler of this world, satan. He said lawlessness will increase, men will seek pleasure and wealth but will wind up with only brutality and repression. Satan as the god of this world, prince of the power of the air, and ruler of this world means he is the world's major influence. However, satan is currently restrained from unleashing his full force (2Thess 2:7) but when the Church is taken out of the way, he will unleash it with evil glee. And when he does, "For in those days shall be affliction, such as was not from the beginning of the creation which God created unto this time, neither shall be." (Mark 13:19)

Until that moment of unleashing, as one bible commentator said, "Satan will resort to a mode of opposition more conformed to the then imminent appearing and presence of the Saviour, and will anticipate Him with a last effort to maintain the dominion of the world, just as at His first advent he rushed into open opposition, by taking possession of the bodies of men."

Satan's opposition includes hating Christian America. If America is out of the way it opens up great broad ways for satan to maneuver. The dam will burst when the Restrainer is taken out of the way, and behind that dam are not the living waters of Jesus but an outpouring of demons from the abyss. People will drown in a toxic deluge that will be so horrendous that if the Lord Himself had not shortened the days no one would be left alive.

This essay shows the beginning of satan's last effort to maintain dominion over the world. Unfortunately for us, this includes the demise of America. Below we have a pictorial tour of satan's success in turning us away from our national values and toward the prophesied oppressive, global economy and government we are promised will come.

Morning in America, 1984

Morning in Amerika, 2009

Morning In America, 1984

Morning in Amerika, 2008

Morning in America, 2003

Morning in Amerika, 2008

Morning in America, 1986
Reagan refuses to give in to Gorbachev's demand to abandon Star Wars shields. This caused the Soviet Union to fall.

Morning in Amerika, 2009
Obama yielding to Putin and abandoning missile shields in the Baltics. This will cause Russia to rise.


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