Fiery meteor over Holland startles many reports "NETHERLANDS FIREBALL: A fireball as bright as the full Moon startled observers in the Netherlands yesterday when it raced across the evening twilight sky. A lucky shot by photographer Jan de Vries at approximately 1658 UT caught the meteor in mid-flight:"

"It was spectacular," says eyewitness Dominic Doyle of the European Space Agency in Noordwijk. "I estimate its magnitude to be about -12," adds amateur astronomer Koen Miskotte, who saw it from the small village of Ermelo. Various observers report it breaking apart into as many as a half-dozen pieces, followed by sonic booms, low rumbles and shaking windows. A Royal Dutch Meteorology Institute listening post detected strong infrasound (low-frequency sound) waves, apparently confirming a high-altitude breakup event: data."

There has been a spate of meteors lately. A cluster of them early this year sparked interest worldwide. As we approach the time of the end, there will be increasing phenomena from all directions; 'natural disasters' such as earthquakes, meteors, and inexplicable things that create terror in earth. It is described in Luke thus: "men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken." Luke 21:26.

The signs that Jesus give in His Olivet Discourse in response to the Apostles' question, "What shall be the signs of your coming?" was a list of items and a description of them. Jesus indicated by using the birth pains analogy that the signs would have a beginning, rise in intensity (like birth pangs) and then culminate in a crescendo of terrors so terrible that men faint just waiting for them to happen. In other words, the end times will have a rhythm as much as it is a series of events. One meteor does not an end time make. But placed in the context of more and more frequent events just as Jesus described, rising in insenity and frequency, even overlapping at times, now we have an end time progression that can be pointed to. Which is the entire point.

Jesus used the birth pang analogy in Mark 13:8 to good effect. A pregnancy is gestated for a certain period of time, usually nine months, give or take two weeks. Pinpointing the exact timing of the birth is not possible nor is ever accurate. Labor itself is marked by a definite beginning, when the water breaks (Israel becoming a nation.) The labor proceeds for a period of time, again not marked by exactitude. Labor could take a day, or 36 hours or 48 hours, or more. You never know how long it will be but you know for sure that it will end with a baby. The pains get worse as labor continues. There are some lulls, each lull getting shorter in duration and less frequent in number as the labor pains increase in duration and in number, until the birth is performed.

If you study the Book of Esther, you see that the events unfold in the same way. They start slowly, the people gather and are making their decisions that will set in motion the events. The events begin, and when they do, it all happens very suddenly. God dealt with Haman very quickly but looking back over the entire book, one can see that the events took a long time to unfold. But the end came fast, with the events rolling on ever faster as Haman met his doom.

The meteor over Holland, set in the context of the meteors that hurled to earth this winter, combined with the famine, pestilences, wars, and rumors of wars etc, are end times signs. The labor pains are intensifying.