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Hawaii newspaper reports Obama born in Indonesia

The end times are characterized by rising lawlessness: (2 Thess 2:7; Mt 7:23). When the word “lawless” is used in context of the bible it does not mean breaking man’s secular law, it means individual, rebelling hearts rejecting against Jesus and His grace. Thus, more people in the world rebelling means more evil abounding.

What does abounding evil (lawlessness, rebellion) at the time of the end look like in today’s world? How does satan sow discord, confusion, chaos? What does he do with all those rebelling hearts having the spirit of antichrist? These are surely going to characterize the end times. Satan is the god of this world and he loves nothing better than to bring confusion. People who are confused or anxious tend not to think straight. If you are not thinking straight it is harder to hear the Lord’s knock on the door of your heart.

Messing with reality

The best way to sow confusion and incite lawlessness is to mess with peoples’ reality. The news business used to be in the business of presenting unadulterated facts to the consumer. News presented reality. People decided if they like it or not, and proceeded to engage in the world on that basis. Not so anymore.

A few years ago the Lord put me in a place where He used me in the newspaper business. The task at hand was spiritual warfare for control of a town and the war was played out through the two newspapers in town. I see the same thing happening in the wider America now. Media is a wonderful way to sow discord. All they have to do is misrepresent facts or leave out facts all together and soon cognitive dissonance occurs.

Cognitive dissonance is holding two contradictory ideas simultaneously. When people know what happened, yet they encounter a contradictory media story, they enter in a state of dissonance. Remaining in a state of dissonance for too long causes people to become angry. It needs to be resolved for cognitive peace to reign in the mind again.

Messing with peoples’ reality cuts to the core of who they are. Once folks have internalized a fact or an experience, it becomes part of them. If there is a difference between what people know and what they see presented as reality through the media, it creates dissonance. If that fact or experience is skewed it then takes mental energy to pursue getting to the bottom of the truth. Of course, with satan, there is no bottom, so it is a rabbit trail that expends energy, increases angst, and promotes anger. Voila, a demon’s work is never done.

Gaining control of The fourth estate is critical to satan’s work. Candidates in a political campaign say that “controlling the message” is of utmost importance. But the state the media is in today goes way beyond simply pre-empting the press's inquisitiveness by a PR flak. A solid case can now be made that American press is controlled by satan and his minions. If this is so, then they can do more than control the message. They can distort, deny, delude, and disparage any and all messages. They can ignore the fabled “both sides” of the story and they can present only what they want the people to know. Increasingly, I have noticed that as satan’s control of the journalism industry tightens, the journalists are more blatant about deliberately changing the news. One example is below.

An eagle eyed reader of the Honolulu Advertiser noticed the unusual statement in an archived news story. It was a feature highlighting the accomplishments of Maj. Tammy Duckworth. The paper indicated that “both were born outside the country- Obama in Indonesia, Duckworth in Thailand.” To plainly state that the President of the United States was born in another country is extraordinary, since it would render him constitutionally ineligible to serve as President.

One wonders, did the writer of the news article research this piece and discover the fact that our president is not a natural born citizen? And then edit it later because the facts were inconvenient? Or did the reporter fail his duty to the Fourth Estate by taking someone else’s word for it without checking as a reporter should? In both cases it is bad form. Worse, the online version of the article was quickly changed. Within a day after the archived story was unearthed the sentence about the Indonesian birth was deleted. So which is true? The Indonesian birth? Or not? Journalism is supposed to erase confusion, not cause it.

Another example is the blatant bias in most news outlets at the Million American tea party march on September 12, 2009. Most people with eyes and a brain could see that there were at least a million present. The newspapers wrote that there were 60,000. Dissonance: we could see that there were many more than liberal, satan-controlled media were reporting, but how to get them to tell the truth? Many people spent a great deal of time attempting to do just that, with only the media's eyes more firmly closed. The disparity between what was reported and what everyone saw was tremendous and millions stewed about it. The result is confusion, chaos, anger and voila, a demon's work is never done.

Lest any person underestimate the power of the press, or think I am overstating the evil that satan and his minions can do in control of it, remember that the first thing the Lenin did in the Russian Revolution was shut down the newspapers and create a Bolshevik news media. When Mussolini took over Italy he personally chose all newspaper editors and no one who did not possess a certificate of approval from the fascist party could practice journalism. Venezuela's Hugo Chavez has closed newspapers, turned off television stations, and continues to close media outlets that publish or produce news opposing his dictatorial and socialistic advances. Recently, America's President has "gone to war" with the only media outlet that is not succumbing to his message, Fox News. An Australian cartoon reveals in visual form just how silly Obama's war with Fox is, and worse, how chicken the American media is for failing to report it. Where evil Princes of a Nation govern, the press is sure to follow.

There is nothing good to be said about a lying media. However, where God is involved, there is always good. Perhaps He is giving Christians a period of time to let go our fast-held traditions and look now to ONLY Him. Media can no longer be trusted in any way for news. But the bible can always be trusted as a source of news (future news = prophecy!), truth, comfort, and wisdom. Soon, and very soon, we will see Truth Himself and we will not have to rely on newspapers any more. Hallelujah!


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